Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strawberry Twist

Hello hello!!

I know it's super late almost midnight in 17 minutes, but I wanted to come on here to post a few little pictures from my day!! I went to the fair today and walked around and ate fooood! Best time of year to stuff your face with fried, greasy, crispy yummy not really good for you food! I had done so much walking today I got there at 4pm and left at 10:45pm. I was done, so tired... you know your old when you can't even stick it out until the fireworks come on. Any who other than that; I hope you all had a lovely day! Oh and my ice cream was super HUGE !! I was not expecting that at all.. it was so delicious though!

Signed, Joe


  1. Omg the icecream looks soooooo good!!!


  2. Great photos! That ice cream is magnificent!! Xx Elly

  3. great photos!! looks like you had a great time there! =)

  4. That ice cream looks so good!



  5. That looks great and really delicious! :) Best wishes! :)


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