Friday, September 20, 2013

COMFORT that decided to make a change.

I wasn't going to come on here just yet, but I think what a better time to with today's prompt post from Jenni. I have gone through a lot of different things over the past couple of months and I recently decided the other day to stop what I have here. Maybe for short time period or maybe altogether.. who really knows. I know this space her as been a comfort.. and always hasn't been what I had hoped or plan for. I felt I needed something new, something fresh and I decided to go on a new journey with a new blog that is more personal and for me. Change sometimes is hard, but for me this I felt was something that I needed to do because I have been fighting through this for a very long time and this opportunity came up for me to do just that and create what I really want to create in my new space. Everything that is here, will stay here.. I won't be dragging it along onto my new space, so if you liked anything here you can check it out her whenever, because I won't be deleting this space. However, my new space already has it's first post up and my little explanation as a opener. I don't think I need to reiterate the same thing I opened with on my new space here. I am sorry for those that loved what I had on here or maybe didn't or maybe was hoping for more but felt like this blog was a dangling string at sometimes.. while also being all over the place with nothing really going the way I had said it would. Comfort for me has been from 2010-2013 of September on this blog and a new change occurred in my life and so a new change had to happen for me somewhere else as well. If you had added me onto bloglovin' I also included my new blog within bloglovin as well, so it can be easily accessed. If you want to join me on my new journey feel free to over here. However, if you don't want to I completely understand and no heart feelings if want to not continue onto something new with me. Some times being comfort doesn't really get you anywhere or places and you are just standing in the same spot. I feel like here I have been doing that. There is a lot of things I have wanted to do on here but never felt I could, even though this is my blog. The direction I had wanted it to go, wouldn't really make it reasonable to mention all these things. I am very grateful for those who have stuck with me or recently added or found me but I truly grateful if you decide to continue on my journey to something new, pure and fresh over HERE. Thank you, truly.

Signed, Joe

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