Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Good Afternoon/Evening, (Because it's pretty much evening in 30 minutes)

I just wanted to come on here to post about something I was researching today. Something that is probably a very weird search but I wanted to know more in depth about it. And yes it has to do with a hair color or maybe more specifically a hair term? I am sure everyone knows the normal, regular hair options: blonde, brown, black when asked what your hair color is. Oh and I guess ginger is included as well since there is red heads in this beautiful world. I think the color amber looks really pretty too, but besides the point. The term that I was looking for was 'fair haired' I never really heard that term before, but I probably have but it never really came across my mind fully until now lately. So I did my research and found out about what the term fair hair means which is considered blonde or blond. The dictionary definitions:

blond - a person with fair hair and skin and usually light eyes / (of men's hair) of a light color; fair / a person, esp a man, having light-colored hair and skin. 

blonde - (of women's hair) of a light color; fair / (of a person, people or race) having fair hair, a light complexion, and typically, blue or green eyes. 

Now  getting into it more, blond derives from old french blund, blont meaning meaning "a color mid-way between golden and light chestnut which gradually overshadowed the native term fair of the same meaning. Fair became the general term for light-complexioned. Blond is one of the few words in English that maintains a feminine and masculine grammatical genders. 

To break down the different variety blondes are the following:
- blond/flaxen : refers to a light but not whitish blond with no traces of red, gold, or brown. This color is often described as "flaxen"
- yellow : yellow-blond which it can also be referred to hair which has been dyed yellow.
- platinum blond or towheaded : whitish-blond that is often used to describe bleached hair while towhead refers to natural hair color
- sandy blond : greyish-hazel or cream-colored blond
- golden blond : a darker to rich, golden yellow blond
- strawberry blond, venetian blond or honey blond : a light or dark amberish golden blond
- dirty blond or dishwater blond : dark blond with flecks of golden blond and brown
- ash-blond : pale or grayish blond
- bleached blond, bottle blond or peroxide blond : artificial blond sslighty less white than platinum blond

While doing my research I ended up looking into biracial children with blonde hair because it's rare to me and it's just not something you see regularly. Boy, are kids who look that way the cutest eveer! I am in absolute loooove! I am so in love because it is so rare and I think that would be so cool and neat to have kids like that. I am sure there comes with downfalls of people not believing that child or children are yours. Even the simple fact of the color of their skin which to me that doesn't matter. A person is a person no matter their outer appearance, it's what counts within someone, however to some it isn't so. Down below of have added a few photos on what I am talking about and how gorgeous they look! I know this was a very random post but this is just something I wanted to talk about today because it's pure beauty. 

A random photo I came across as researching 
Thandie Newton's daughter when she was little
Thandie Newton's daughter Nico with blonde hair

I do also want to mention each and every person is beautiful in their own way and I want to put that out there as well. It doesn't matter if you baby isn't the blonde hair, blue eyes because everyone is beautiful. 

I hope you have a lovely evening. 

Signed, Joe

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