About Me

Hi, My name is Joe-Lynn. I'm twenty-three years old. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. My life consists of these simple involving things in life; fashion, music, writing, singing, reading, and movies. The magazines I like to read are: Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, InStyle, People StyleWatch, GQ. I definitely like reading the UK issues of fashion magazines; I find there is way more styles published in the UK magazines.

I am also an aries, 5'1 and dark brown hair. I have a little bit of OCD so I've been told and I have to have everything organized and clean. I love to travel and I wish to do more in the near future, especially with all the amazing places to choose from on this earth. I loove giving bear hugs when it comes to little kids, it's the best and just makes the moment brighter to see their smiling faces light up with a sparkle. My favorite color is green, navy blue and yellow.

My family means the world to me and the few friends I have are amazing even if we don't see each other regularly because we are all just such busy bees or live very far away; I am always thinking of them or keeping in communication with them. <3 Yes, it probably has taken me longer than others to really figure out who my friends are and stuff but I think I have figured out who I loove to be around and makes life happy, fun, adventurous, enjoyable and just always positive. It also helps that being open towards others allowed me to find the liked minded people like myself and find new people as well to add to my great collection of already amazing friends and personalities! :D

I also forgot to mention that I love Quotes! I just think no matter what there's a quote out there you can relate to at any moment in life. They can inspire you, help you through a hard time when you feel like there's nowhere else to turn, they can put a smile on your face, or they can remind you of the past. (However, I feel that music can do the exact same job also, so this includes music as well.) Oh and of course photographs too.

As for the television shows that I like to watch they're.. 1. One tree Hill 2. 90210 3. Gossip Girl 4. Vampire Diaries & 5. Grey's Anatomy. When it comes to reality television shows it would be these ones: Real World, Teen Mom (first season cast).

My favorite kind of flowers which I always told myself I never had one; I just liked really pretty colors together but so untrue! As I come across an option to choose a flower for myself, it would be a daisy every time, every time! However, definitely the colorful ones that are pink, light pink, orange, purple etc. just colorful & full of beautiful lovee which sparkle and make your day that much brighter than it already is! My choice is that a DAISY... Gerbera Daisy and African Daisy to be more specific! <3

My favorite type of beverages to drink are so many but I will name a couple: 
- water - green tea - ice tea - tea - green tea lemonade from Starbucks -  caramel frappuccino's from Starbucks - vanilla bean hot chocolate from second cup - mango juice - chocolate milk and acai blueberry pomegranate vitamin water. When it comes to food chinese food is my most favorite and also carribean food! =) Delicious!! 

Another thing I love to do that pasts time is bake! I am in loove with baking and not for myself but for other people. I love bringing goodies for no reason at times or even just because it's a holiday. It's just like anything else that is creative and considered art; I think baking is also included in that because you can change it any which way how you want. And not only that you can come upon something by fluke or else it's the mentality of having perfection to give. I think baking is one more thing about me that is just a great thing and I am glad I have the skill and ability to do it. I love white chocolate mousse cake and strawberry boston creme cake the most when it comes to my birthday, ice cream cake its good too. In the summertime I love angel food cake with whip cream and fruit, absolutely amazing. 

Music is one unbelievable aspect in my life that I don't know where I would be without that part at all. I love how music can change the way you feel from any emotion you were feeling to something else. I love how it inspires me, especially when I am writing. I feel like sometimes, when there is stuff running across my mind and I am listening to a song on repeat because in that moment and time it seems so darn good, it brings the most beautiful creative, thoughtful, speechless, tears coming down your face feeling. I love even more when it is meant for someone else and I pour everything I have inside of me in that moment and time to give everything to inspire, feel truth or believe. I love that about writing; I love the fact that I can give someone something so meaningful, deep and gets right to the beating soul. 

Having said all of these above things I'm not only me: a woman full of creativity, inspiring, beautiful, intelligent, genuine, kind, hard working and important but I am also somebodies daughter, cousin, friend, aunt, niece, god-daughter, granddaughter so far in this life of mine. I am grateful to be all of these things and I am sure there is more to come of me in the near future. 

This is just a short brief intro to me for now. So I will leave with this quote.

In reality beyond the fantasy and humility make it happen for yourself. Do the work. do the homework you know... Do what you have to do in order to get yourself there and don't think that there are glass ceilings that are holding you back and then go oh well it's just not going to work anyway. that's so defeatism. - Drew Barrymore