Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello There Beautiful Lovelies!

So I have always been fascinated with tattoos on people and what they get. At one point when I was younger I wanted one. However, I have never known a specific reason for me to really get inked on my body. I know the areas in which I would like the tattoo if I ever got one but as for now I just haven't been that intrigued that I must get one for a specific reason. I did come across this when researching tattoos before and thought it was interesting and may help make your decision. I also included some celebrity tattoos which by the way I didn't know Victoria Beckham had one, so that was interesting to find! :D I just think if I am going to get a tattoo it has to have some meaning behind it, not just for the sake of having one.. you know?!

Questions to Help You Decide the Tattoo You Want!
1. What are the main themes in your life?
2. What parts of yourself make you happy?
3. What parts of life or yourself are you struggling with?
4. What are your most vivid memories?
5. What are your goals in life?
6. Are you spiritual or religious?
7. What do you think is the force that drives our universe?


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