Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving Back for Christmas

Hello Saturday!!

I know I was pretty much absent last month! I know I sucked at trying to make it work out last month, but it just didn't seem to work out for me. I honestly didn't feel in the mood to blog when I got home after everything I have to do, like work. It's so busy, but today for some odd reason I was in a superb mood two days ago and just wanted to come on here and blog, which I partially did but never finished and never posted! I am here today on the 1st of lovely December with a post! Yaaay! I am excited about giving things to people; I am just in that kind of good feeling mood! I will get on with the post!

So you remember my post on Operation Christmas Child? If not linked it! Well I got offered another sort of type thing like that at work and I was like yeah totally want to do it!! The last thing I had just done I ended up coming out with two boxes full, because I bought more than enough for two boxes for the boys one I did for Operation Christmas Child.  Two happy boys will receive something, so exciting!! 

As for this next thing I am doing it's local, my area and it's my co-workers mom who started it. I am asked what I want.. a girl or boy and whether I want a young child or teenager. I chose a girl who was a teenage, since I already had done two young boys for the OCC. I am also given a name and age, she's 17 by the way! Her name I won't give out, however I did this gift today after work because I don't want to leave it until last minute or totally forget about it. It was actually kind of hard to find stuff to be honest. It was a little challenging and hard because some of the kids may have a learning disability (more the younger), in foster care or schools that know kids don't get anything for Christmas and stuff like this. I got a girl and I was like yeah should be pretty easy peasy, but not really because you have to be like okay, this is acceptable. I think this won't work or it will work out perfectly and I never really thought about oh no I can't get this because I am not sure. When you are buying for people you know you obviously know what they have or don't or if their ears are pierced etc. It was a little bit of a challenge and so I asked a co-worker/my friend and she was like necklace and some stuff, which I don't exactly remember. 

I managed to find some things for this 17 year old as a Christmas gift and I hope she likes it!! I'm so excited and it's not even for me but because someone gets to have a gift and gets to have a pretty cute little smile shining on there face when they open it! I decided on these things.. a scarf, hat, mittens, socks, nail polish, lip balm, hand lotion and a little notebook/journal. I will admit some of the stuff I love myself but I don't need it, for me those things would be more a luxury to just have to be completely honest. Here are some visuals of what I got! 

If any of you are curious where they are from it's down here..

- scarf, mittens, torque and socks (garage)
-  notebook/journal, lip balm and nail polish (aerie)
- mini lotions (bath and body works)

I love doing little things like this or Operation Christmas Child because it's a way I can give back and put a smile on someone else's face. I may not see their smile and joy but I know deep down in my heart visually I can see I huge grin with love, laughter and cute giggles with maybe even a few tears. I think that's one of the best feelings in the world is to give back or help someone out in some way or another! 

This is all I wanted to share with you lovelies today, so have a fantastic December 1st!! 

xo. pixie dust winter kisses

Signed, Joe

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