Friday, March 16, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Hello All My Little Sunshines!

It's Friday and yaaay for that because it's the wonderful weekend! Woot! I know I haven't done my 3 post yet this week but my other post I will do tomorrow since I have not had the time. I definitely will have that up tomorrow, so check back for that.   Anyways, it another one of my Friday posts and I am going to get right into it! 

1. The beginning of the week was pure amazement! Yep, I was fully haywire, adrenaline because of the time change I could not sleep for the life of me. The next 3 days consisted of me full on laughter, excited, craziness energy. 

2. Thursday and Today(Friday) has been more mellow, calm but tiring along with a bit exhausting. I cannot wait for Saturday (tomorrow) and Sunday to relax. 

3. I love love loved my time last weekend with my two good friends! It was a great time at new different restaurants to eat. I like trying new things out and so it was a nice change from familiar places. 

4. One Tree Hill was definitely intense this week. Grey's last night was right on point with what I thought would happen. Oh boy was the things that happened tragedies.  As for Vampire Diaries, I really think it's the doctor up to something not Elena's guardian. 90210, what the heck is wring with miss. crazy blondey pants who I guess acts as Limas agent. So much drama, so little time, lol. 

5. I can't wait until Tuesday to see 21 Jump Street after work with a co-worker! I am excited because this month has been a really good month for me! I have been doing a lot of things with a lot of people and I like that! Actually I loooove it! 

6. I love how the last 3 days I was able to make people laugh and be super happy. It's great when days are awesome like that! I treasure those days like a field of summer daisies. 

7. I really really am in the need of wanting to read a new book! I need some reading material to past through my mind this weekend. I am literally dying from not reading. Who gets like that, lol?! I guess I am in one of those moods of getting my read on, so the book to become of my mind shall be decided this weekend. 

8. I am looking forward for 30 minutes of television from Khloe & Lamar this Sunday! I always seem to forget or have work or something comes up.

9. Yaaaay, my hair finally got to the hair salon today after work! It's so light weight and healthy looking. It's super amazing, it reminds me of supermodel hair, all flowy and bouncy in the wind! ;) I looove my hair stylist, she's incredibly awesome and an amazing multi-tasker at all the jobs she has going in her life! Also she is amazingly beautiful! =) 

10. I am excited to meet up with my friend next Friday to see 'The Hunger Games'!!! i can't wait for that even though I haven't read the book but I am going to borrow it from a co-worker since it's said to be an easy read. I can't wait to start along with finish reading the first book!

11. Another amazing thing is the snow is finally gone and I am so grateful, beyond grateful! I cannot wait until it gets warmer to put on some shorts and only having to wear a tee out! I am so happy plus glad because it's my birthday soon and the snows gone! Yaaaaay, spring.. I loooove you beyond this universe! 

12. Last Friday night I went to meet up with my friend and the new place we went to eat was great, the stir fry was so delicious! I would go back there again it was that good, however it's not quiet talking it's screaming over because it's so loud from everyone talking but not sure about during the week. It was different atmosphere, but cool. I liked it a lot and really reasonable prices! Oh it was called 'The Sugarbowl' cute name hey!? However, I went on a Friday evening which is bound to be busy and loud because everybody wants to relax, right! After eating, the play she took me to was incredibly amazing. It was so super funny, it was a definite great time to end a fabulous Friday night. 

13. I didn't mention because I did not want to make a separate post to announce this but my one post about 'act like a lady, think like a man' I added more to that post because it wasn't up to par with some information that seems very useful to me to put on that post for all the beautiful women out there! I hope you enjoyed it if you checked it out and if not click here! =) 

14. The lovely daybookblog changed her hair color which my beautiful friend made me aware of because I had been to busy lately to check out some of my favorite blogs. Oh boy does her hair look "pretty bombshell" as I had said to my lovely friend when she told me. ;)

15. My last post about blonde hair, blue eyes or green eyes biracial kids on how rare it is. Yeah I hope my kids look as cute as that but I also think it's cool too because they are so adorable! I love how my friend pictures my future kids like that or thinks my kids will look like that or at least very close to it, maybe.. maybe not but I will still be grateful for my kids no matter what color, sex etc. I will be blessed for the opportunity to have them because just to have kids is a blessing in it's self. I think it's so cool because for me it would be complete opposite from what people would expect or what is in my family. No one in my family is like that and I think it would be too cool, rare, beautiful and completely amazing. I think green eyes would be even super pretty as well as the blue.

16. I loved the story to the above #15 that my friend was telling me and how at her last job there was a little girl who had a twin sister plus a brother. My ideal family is 3 kids, a boy and then two girls. Two girls where I think having them twins would be so awesome, a lot of work yes but amazingly awesome! I feel like it would be killing two birds with one stone to have twin girls instead of separate. I am just saying.. :p

17. I just cannot wait for the future and for my future husband because I cannot wait for the beautiful fun times with my lovely friend. I can't wait until we both have kids and have cute little play dates, or helping each other out by watching each others kids, so we can have a date night and things like that. It's exciting because I can't wait to see her future kids along with seeing my own and finding out the beautiful names that will become part of who they are. The other thing I can't wait for is the fact of her kids having multiple languages. English, Spanish from her side and when it comes to me I just have English, so sad. I definitely want my kids to know a second language, it's a must for me for my future kids. It's so handy and just adds to your character as a person of what you are capable of learning/achieving. I love that. =)

18. Booo my skin feels like it's breaking out again and oily.. I don't know if it's because the weather change or what but I cannot wait to use my new cleanser tomorrow! My first officially day since I haven't had anytime to get onto testing it out again officially for a second time. 

This is the end for me, I am just too tired to write anything more but I think I have said everything I wanted. If not there is always next Friday's post. Have a great Friday night. 

Signed, Joe

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