Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Shorts = Cloud 9

Good Afternoon/Evening-ish!

I popped into a couple of stores today after work, because I needed to pick up a couple of things. However, my purchases that I made today where things I have been eyeing for a while and never bother to try on or seen in the window display. Well to my very good eye on the items I knew would rock, definitely did! It's always good to take that double check to try it on. I ended up with a new romper shorts, I loove the print it's just perfect! I also ended up getting 2 pair of shorts, ha! I swear I don't know how many I have gotten already, but all I know is that I am really excited for summer. I keep finding really cute summery things and so today I am choosing to show all the lovely shorts I have compiled over the last couple of months onto this post today. What a perfect day for this, because it is so sunny minus the wind.  I hope you enjoy! The shorts come from various stores just to mention : American Eagle, Garage and Pink by Victoria Secret. I don't know why I am so excited for summer this year but I am and finding cute clothes makes it even more exciting!! 

Signed, Joe

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