Thursday, June 21, 2012

1:36 AM

Good Morning!

This post for today that I would like to do, was not something I had planned at all it's very unexpected and complete utter shock to me. I was just going through my blog feed one early morning seeing any new updated posts before I was going to head to bed and boom a comment appeared. I was like huh? Really.. am I viewing this right? And sure enough I was and my first comment appeared! I was literally no words to express the amazement and shock that I felt. I am oh so very happy and excited to see all the comments I have been receiving lately from all of you wonderful people. I am very very humbly grateful, honestly and thankful for all those who have read my blog, a post or a few posts or just view the photos.

As for my dilemma is commenting back to you lovely people so that you know that I read your comment, which I am very gracefully thankful. This is the one thing I am truly stressed out about on my blog but until I get it figured out, please bare with me and don't think I am a snob for not replying back to you. I know I replied back to two comments but I was testing it out to see what was going on and nothing, so don't worry I am figuring it out. And as well.. One, I have read your comment and I do check out your blog. Two, I am absolutely grateful and estatic for you coming to my blog to read it, view it or post a comment! It honestly makes my day reading the few comments and that's the honest truth! I tell my friend actually literally text her when I received a new comment(s) and actually we were talking about that last tonight actually when we meet up and all the comments I have been getting lately. I do appreciate all you beautiful lovely people and I am very very thankful from the bottom of my heart.

thank you truly again and have a wonderful day! =)

Signed, Joe

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  1. looks amazing!!!


Thank you truly for leaving a little note on my blog. I very much kindly appreciate it and feel very grateful for you taking the time to write on my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you dearly, much love. <3