Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello Hello!!

I am super excited today, for some reason since I got home from work! I was tired earlier but I think I am wide awake with a tad bit tiredness lingering around my eyes. I must stay up until 9pm just so I can watch Teen Mom. Anyways not the point why I am jumping up and down in excitement. I was out with my dad got some second cup and I look up at my phone and who do I see in an instagram photo from my beautiful friend.. Jef (Jef Holm) from The Bachelorette!! Oh.My.Gosh... no waaaay! Yep, he is my favorite and has been from day one (hands down!!).. of course my choice if I was the bachelorette, which by the way was one of the discussions today at work! Haha.. funny enough! My co-worker.. well there is bachelorette canada but it is not the same because Jef will not be on it and I won`t be the bachelorette! Of course my friend knows how much he is my favorite but yeah that just made my night, thanks dear friend.. love you! Oh and I must add I was definitely jumping up and down on my bed when I seen the photo and photos because I had to check it out online. He is so sexy, haha! Anyways.. enough with this post that is all I had to say on that matter.

have a beautiful night loves.

Signed, Joe

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  1. I love Jef! I think he is the most genuine guy on the show! Although I don't know if I can see him together with Emily, they make somewhat of an odd match! I do hope he's in the final two!

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