Friday, July 20, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Well Hello Friday Once Again!

I feel like this Friday was fast for some reason, but then again maybe I feel that because you know when you are in your own thoughts or emotions and everything else is passing you by? Well I felt like that yesterday well out and I wanted to leave so badly and be home in my room but at the same time it was nice to get out, yet it felt I was way in over my head. I am just going to get into this post for you all, so enjoy! Yaaay, for a early post this Friday!!

1. So much has happened this week, first off I got to do a job by myself for the very first time at work on Tuesday! I was not really expecting it at all; I was kind of figuring that I would be called for help but nope, it was all on me and I got it completed in an hour and a half! Yaaay, for me because I was panicking that I would not finish the job in a decent amount of time. Another person had the same job I was given and it took them 3 hours, which nobody understands, not even my own self! I am proud of myself for sure, for completing that task and will now be part of my regular duty to complete at work every time that it is needed.

2. I believe it was Tuesday was a treacherousness day for me when I got home from work. Never in a million years would I be so upset and broken. Yeah, it may have been stupid to cry over because they are just things but it was not it at all. It was the simple fact of having to work so hard to have those things because I am never been one of those people who just got handed things. I always had to work for the things I wanted and struggle. It kind of made the rest of my week going into a hay-wire thinking mode about a lot of things. Don't you just love when that happens?

3. I thought this was a cute session..  Troy Grover Photography and thought I should share it with you people.

4. Another session I adored was this one by the lovely Meg Courtney who did my photos for me in the fall!

5. This post definitely spoke everything I feel to the tee, minus school. click here to read - Dear Me.

6.  The fair starts today with rides and all the fooooood you can dream of!! I am not too sure yet when I am attending but I believe Monday is the day for me and I will for sure bring my camera to take lots of photos for the blog for you guys to view!

7. This Wednesday is my first meeting for the interview I had back in May. I am not really sure what to expect at this point but it shall be interesting.

8. From Thursday night to Monday I will be on away on a little vacay. I will not have anything for those days for you guys, but perhaps maybe Girl Run that Show but I have not decided yet. I might just give it a break this Friday coming up. Hopefully I get TONS of photos on this little mini trip, which I kind of do not want to go on and not really too excited about it. However, that could all change once I get there..

9. Yesterday, was hang out day after supper in downtown, because they had music.. beer garden and food all around you can go eat and try out the different restaurants. I just got myself a lemonade, which was perfect! I could have used a large one because the small one was so refreshingly good! I did not bring my camera to this or with me at all but perhaps if I swing back down I shall take some photos to show.

10. I have a lot to do this week, it seems so jammed pack, along with trying to get ready and make sure I have everything for my trip.

11. My favorite part of this whole week was the crazy story of my friends birthday and what had happened to the girls I work with. Also, yesterday just sitting and relaxing and people watching while music playing. There was so many cool outfits that inspired me from people and if not an outfit a piece from their look.

12. Saturday is my beautiful cousins wedding, which I am unable to attend but I know it will be a beautiful one. Oh which everything I have to her is behind, I am not totally all here of together because her card is going to be late. I guess better late then never and getting her gift from her registry was the worst, such a hassle I was having to run back & forth because no one could help me. I went there literally 6 times, six times, that is not great customer service at all. I am actually quite disappointed because instead of her wedding gift being received on time, it will be late. I am quite annoyed about it but at the same time it is out of my control and I did what I could on my end to the fullest possible outcome. I at least I finally got it straightened out and at least she will receive my gift to her even if it may not be on time.

13. Oh and everyone loves my new glasses!! So that is great to hear because I love them too!!

14. I am really hoping for a Starbucks day on Saturday with my notebook, pen, me and possibly my laptop too will join.

15. I had the most interesting conversation yesterday with my dad over the phone! It is the one thing I have been pondering but afraid to bring up or mention because I am not sure of the reaction but it was definitely way way beyond what I thought in my head may occur or could occur. I know I had this discussion before but I was younger and attending university at the time and that was my plan but then it left me and never crossed my mind again. And I probably should not be surprised because of the first time when I was attending university I had this discussion but also life changes and so do people and things happen.

16. I was trying to watch a movie this week and it just does not want to work out for me. I constantly have to change it. I think this week is not a good time for chillin with a movie and relaxing.

I have so MUCH to figure out.. and that is why my pen and paper + Starbucks is going to help me with that! I think this is it for this weeks post, so thanks for reading and sorry for so mellow, kind of down post this week. This is just were I am at this week.. but I am excited for later today after work to visit with a friend who I have not seen in forever! But not only that every time we have tried to hangout something has come up, so yaay for finally get to see each other for a bit tomorrow!

I hope you all have a lovely friday & weekend!

Oh and p.s. - click to view rockstar diaries latest post and thedaybookblog because I was in love and had a smile on my face.

Signed, Joe


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