Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear NL, Thank you for your guidance and making me see things a lot more clearer, open and not as narrower as I was viewing it before. Dear Amanda, Thank you for being there for me and listening to me even though we don't work together anymore. I appreciate you listening to me and talking to me. Dear Cristina, I really enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday, however I know it could have been a better hangout. And sorry if I don't seem all there lately with everything that is going on.. and I know I had a whole lot to share and I probably forgot to mention half of it. Thank you for listening to me and sharing your stories with me, I was glad to hangout with you because it had been a long time since last did. Oh and and that instagram photo made my night, thanks again! Dear Sarah, Thank you for your advice this week, I honestly was not expecting it at all but I am glad what my thoughts I had wasn't far fetched. Also for helping me out at work when I was stressing out, thanks I appreciate that also. Dear Family, Thank you for your amazing food while camping with you guys last weekend, it was fricken delicious! Oh and also thank you for worrying about me and making sure I am feeling alright, I love you guys. Dear Cousin (not technically cousins but known me my whole life), Thank you for listening to my ideas and giving me some pointers and advice even though it may have been super quick and couldn't really discuss anything more. I appreciate it. Dear Bath and Body Works, Thank you for your amazing candle Sweet Macaron and I am glad I got my friend one too! Dear Coles, Thank you for the fact that I found two books there to read when I only was looking for one. Dear Aunt and Uncle, Thank you for wanting to go out to have dinner with us tonight! I am excited, especially since it's a great way to the end of the week. Dear Stomach, I noticed butterflies the other day and I haven't felt that feeling in a really really really long time.. Dear Joyce, I can't wait to hang out with you on Thursday! It seems so long and forever and I miss yooou very much! Excited!!  Dear Life, Please have some divine plan for me for all this stressing out and worrying I have been going through for this past month. I really do not understand anything of it or if my decision is a correct one or if I am simply over thinking it or what?! Dear God, I really have no clue as of lately of anything. I don't understand the analyzing of things that I would never analyze before.. and I am not sure where this journey is taking me. I hope there is some kind of something (a lesson, message, a meeting of someone or an experience to make me realize something) I don't know at ALL at the moment but I trust in you that you know what greatness is going to come about to me?


Signed, Joe


  1. I hope you're able to find answers soon, but til then remember to trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own udnerstanding, in all your ways acknoldge him, and he will direct your path!

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!

  2. How beautiful! Love all of your little letters, girl! :)
    xo TJ

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