Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sugar House Lane Sprinkles

Hello Tuesday!!

I am here to share with you all a new nail polish that I bought today after work, because I have been wanting a new one but nothing has really captured my attention to make me want to buy something new. Then boom, while on break my coworker shows me photos on her phone of these new polishes she bought yesterday and I was automatic omg I want! I already knew what color I wanted but I tried all the colors to see what they looked like to be sure. I like Sugar House Lane by Nails Inc. (Sprinkle Collection) it is just the perfect color that can go with anything in my opinion. I only put one coat on my nails and it went on so smooth for me. I really love nails inc., I think I like it more than OPI a bit. I don't know what it is about there nail polishes, but the ones I do have so far in my collection I haven't had anything bad yet to say about them with the very few colors I have from that brand. The other ones were meh, okay but not my cup of tea or make me go I have to have them but they are cool colors also. I know this has probably been out in the U.K. already long time ago and the States has had it for a bit I think but it just arrived here in Canada. There is 3 other sprinkle colors to choose from for those who are curious. This is all I have to mention for today, have a lovely day!

Signed, Joe

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