Friday, February 1, 2013

Heeeeeello Friday!

Hello Friday! ;)

I wanted to put up a quick post via blogging on the go for the first time. I'm not on the go technically just watching a movie from home in my cozy blankets.

So today I learnt pennies aren't going to exist anymore! I remember when there was $1 and $2 bills that are now coins. Now no more pennies! History making happening before my eyes.

On clothes wise I got the "Hello Friday" crew neck sweater from Pink by Victoria Secret, for those curious! (Recently purchased!) (Stunner Shades, haha) The owl sweater I got as a gift from my amazing friend for Christmas! It's a new favourite in my wardrobe and I've gotten so many compliments on it, Thanks C! ;) (hugs). And the top in the other photo that ties is the hello kitty collection that was out at Christmas at forever21. The photo with the NY hat; I got that green sweater from Pink by Victoria Secret also, however it's a pretty old collection from last year.

I wanted to share some photos from my phone on my blog, so enjoy and happy Friday! (What what what Friday!!) :p

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  1. And so the wait begins again.. is it friday yet?


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