Monday, May 27, 2013

this one's for YOU, the READERS!

Day 27
[ a letter to your readers]

Dear readers,

... and browsers, followers, and new viewers to my blog. Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving me comments; I really appreciate them and the time you take out of your day to actually leave a little something on my posts. Thank you to those that I comment on their blog or email who take the time to respond back. Overall in general a HUGE complete THANK YOU for stopping by whether you've only just found me, heard about me from someone else's blog I left a comment on, simply randomly came across me by fluke. For those of you who have been here from the beginning THANK YOU, truly. I know there is a lot that I can improve on with this blog along with the obvious of regular posting. I hope you can all bare with me and be patient as I try to figure out what it is that I am going to decide for this blog to become or focus on. I know I have had this blog now since 2010 and I probably should already have it figured out, but I don't. I think I don't because when you first are starting out you focus so much on what everybody else is doing or has featured or try to join in on their link-ups that MY BLOG ends up not becoming my blog. What I mean by that is.. it because content or ideas of other people and yes I can be inspired by it but I think more so once you let go and don't become so obsessed you find certain elements. I have found some things that I want to work on for my blog and make apart of this for you guys. I want you guys to have something excited to read and enjoy. I know it is taking me extra longer than most people, but sometimes things work out the way they're suppose to work out at the right time, the right moment and slowly but surely I believe it will come together. I truly am grateful for your reading eyes that read a whole lot of what I have to say and if it's not perhaps just skim to view photos, which I feel isn't very many on here really. Ultimately for me, is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for being here, having patience with me. I know I am not perfect and this blog is not perfect yet, but probably seems like a WHOLE lot of MESS but it is my mess that will come together in due time. Oh and lastly THANK YOU for the people in my life that come on here to read my blog, support me, encourage me, and think the great things that you do of me. I am so HAPPY, LUCKY and FEEL LOVED from ALL the AMAZING SUPPORT you have given me and CONTINUE to give to me about my blog. I really appreciate the time you take to actually read it and help me out when I need some advice on this blogging thing even though you guys don't have a blog yourself, you're helpful to me. THANK YOU, for being amazed by the things on here.

FROM, the BOTTOM of my HEART. 
I LOVE YOU, YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR READERSHIP, YOUR COMMENTS/EMAILS, and YOUR PATIENCE waiting for GREATNESS to come about. THANK YOU, TRULY, SINCERELY and COMPLETELY. I hope I have INSPIRED a few of you, because that is ALL I want to ACHIEVE from my blog is the ability to INSPIRE. 

Signed, Joe


  1. I'm new to your blog and I just have to say, I love it!

  2. You are welcome babe!


Thank you truly for leaving a little note on my blog. I very much kindly appreciate it and feel very grateful for you taking the time to write on my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you dearly, much love. <3