Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello Daisy Blossom's!

Welcome to another lovely Friday!! 
My weekend already had a pre-start from attending Mr. Bruno Mars concert yesterday! It was amazing!! I mean WOW incredible baaaby! Haha! Ellie Goulding was he's opening. I will definitely have an outfit post up on Monday for inspiration monday for you guys! yaaay!! This was a birthday gift from a friend, which my birthday was back in April. It was a well awaited gift! 

Now I got that topic kicked off.. some thing incredible happened to me this week and I immediately text-ed my best friends and told them right away! I was so shocked I screamed because I couldn't believe what I had read, so amazing! I definitely will be mentioning it in a future post some time in September I think. I am blown away and had to say this even though it doesn't really let you guys know too much. However, it is related to school (in case crazy ideas start floating there way around) haha. 

I wanted to also mention sorry that my inspiration mondays post wasn't that great it was really last minute and I was more focused on my part to doing the reading and just being in the moment at the wedding. It was definitely a great time and lots of delicious yummy food and the grand finale snack at the end of the night.. tons of pizza's! It was great and fantastic to see most of my family for the most part that could make it out. I love seeing them, especially my cousins when I get a chance, because it will be months until I usually see my cousins. It was nice to see the ones that I got too.

As you can see I think I have tried my best for the most part to post three times a week regularly since I started. I feel I have made an adequate effort, because I know things are not always going to run smoothly and I can post. For the most part B+ effort and I love this part (journal Fridays  because it's my chance once a week to write anything, everything and whatever my little heart desires to write each Friday. I feel it's good to have this once a week instead of numerous huge written posts all the time. If you disagree with me then leave your comment below if you like when I write a lot or would like more written stuff in other posts let me know! ;) I hope you guys enjoy thankful-grateful Wednesdays, because I for sure definitely do! 

I was thinking lately about doing a 50 random facts about me for one Friday. However I wasn't sure if I should make it a video version for you guys if you wanted or just write out the 50 facts? Let me know below and I can see what I can make happen for you guys, because I know that has been going around youtube and my close friend was like hey you should do that! I actually think it's a cool idea. So if you want to get to know me more personally then the things you read on here or view leave your comment below! I know have been on here in the blogging world for a while but not posted perhaps too regularly, so it could be too early to talk about 50 random facts but if you think not, okay sounds pretty cool to me to make it happen for you guys! 

Since I've talked about a lot of light stuff above I though I would get into something quick, more in depth for you guys! I know that I mention a lot of different things or topics and what not but today's post I wanted to talk about being motivated and achieving your goals. This past week that is something in which I have thought about a lot! With a lot happening to me with going to school and such I have kind of sat down one wee morning and started writing down goals. I mean goals goals that I truly actually want to achieve. Yeah some of them are BIG but that's a point of a goal. I know I have little ones that are achievable without hesitation but the things I have on this list I know that it will take a lot of hard work & dedication on my part to make them come true to life. I have had numerous past list here on my blog that I will write up throughout but this new list is something of the Big dreams, Big Dreaming type of list. The things I started to write down on that list which isn't too long just jot it on my sticky notes of my computer as incredible things. I know having goals, to-do lists etc is something I have always had within me from forever ago as a young child. I would always achieve the things I had written down and yeah they made have seemed like huge goals at the time, but look back now they were achievable with ease. The goals on my list I started writing out for the other night are that of big things. I want you guys to take the time and write down your goals that you want, they can be big, small, achievable or the wildest goal that will take hard work and dedication to achieve. If you believe that you can make it happen; I can guarantee it will come true. Anything in this life time of yours is possible. There is something amazing waiting for you, so if you don't get something you wanted don't be angry because there is something better out there for you that you were meant to have. The universe will give you everything you are owed and deserved that you have not had the chance to get in your life for whatever reason. You will have the chance to receive everything good that you have put out come back to you. It may not happen right away but it will happen and at the right time. Don't give up, keep holding on strong and something incredible out of your mind will happen for you. You will feel so blessed, loved, astonished, shocked, happy and excited. i want that feeling for you. i want you to feel the joy that can comes through and pierces your soul. i want you to have goals, BIG DREAMS, little goals but i also want you to have small little to-do lists as well. It keeps you motivated as what you need to accomplish but also those tiny little goals or to-do lists help you achieve your big dreams. I think all around being ambitious puts you on the path you want to be for your life and allows you achieve the success you want to achieve, which ever that may be for you. Success can mean a lot of different things for different people and what you may want or think as success will most likely be completely different than mine. It's okay, you're you and i am me. No one lives two of the same exact lives. Be you and do amazing incredible things with your life. i want that for you. i want you to have a divine, marvelous, beautiful life full of dreams, love, passion, life, integrity, risks, spontaneity and the following of your own drum + heart. And this is my journal Fridays speech for this week. 

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy life. 

Signed, Joe

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