Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cutest & Yummiest Cupcakes!

Fuss Cupcakes
Located on Whyte Ave

I had heard so much talk about this little cupcake place and always wanted to try it, especially after looking online at all the different choices to choose from! So I had an opporunity to go in January I believe?! It was the cutest little store, very light atmosphere, nice seating and the service was pleasant. I think going there to meet someone would be a cute place to make a date for coffee since cupcakes is not all that they offer. The selection of cupcakes was among various different types to fix your desired taste buds. However, $2.95 for one cupcake which is almost $3.00 is what I'm not sure of. So, when it comes to the price, I'm not really sure if its really worth paying that much. They are very delicious but just for one cupcake that much? I guess every now and then it isn't a bad choice to favor your sweet tooths desire for a yummy desert. But if you would like to order more than one cupcake such as 6 it would be a cost of $15.95 and for 12 cupcakes the total equals a whopping $29.45. Those are the prices and your judgement of price is up to you if its worth that much or not for goodness?

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