Thursday, February 25, 2010


So today was the grand day that I decided to wear some eye catching leopard print leggings that had been just sitting amongst my other pair of leggings. Of course I have worn my other leggings amounts of times since there all black with different design styles as the only difference. You wouldn't think people would have the darnest facial expressions when they see the way your dressed, but oh booy was I in for a good laugh! I just found it unbelievable at how many people literally stopped from walking or driving and looked so astonished at my leggings. For me it wasn't "what are peoples problems" it was more so uncontrollable laughter piling inside of me and as I type this it makes me laugh.

I think if your able to laugh at situations of yourself and not let negativity attract the happiness inside of you, the happiness inside of you will spring out onto the outside. Once that shines onto the outside your bound to give that energy off onto someone else.
Sometimes in life you have to take risks whether be it big or small, you have to allow yourself to be challenged. For me wearing eccentric things like I did today has been a challenge for me in the past because I never thought I could pull it off. I just found by me taking the risk today it opened up a bubbly happy person on the outside. I think if you want to try something new and different go ahead, its not for anyone else its for you!
As for me I'm the one in my family who likes the bright colors, the things that are impossible to get where I live, and the who has an uncontrollable laughter that I can't help, but laugh at things at times instead of taking it seriously to the heart when really it can be made into something to laugh about. LAUGHTER = a good best friend in life.
I just think you got to do you and if people don't like it, oh well that's their problem not yours, your problem is the point of making yourself happy and if you do that the negative things and people don't matter.

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