Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beauty of Friendship

In life you begin to learn who will always stand near through the rough, cracked up patches while being there for the smiles and butterflies also. You learn of the ones who are only good enough to be in your life when they want to be or when times are going good for you but when the times are rough there not in sight.

Life puts you through obstacles to make you witness a lesson and to be able to grow on that lesson. It gives you people that will leave you without even looking back but leaving a lesson for you. There are those people who get so deep inside of you they can screw you completely and utterly up well ending up okay in the end. Lastly, there are those who come in from day one who love you unconditionally no matter what happens in your life and are always a guiding light.

The real people in your life, that make you realize the things you are too stubborn to see are the ones who matter most. The ones who believe in you, cry with you, understand you, are happy with you, and are completely there even if your in the wrong are the ones who give you a really good sense of direction. The ones who are always in your life are sometimes taken for granted and you end up standing around waiting for the ones who are no where in near sight.

Those people who believe in you, when you think all else is failing and they see a light of hope that you yourself don't see is when you have been given something unexpected at the right time. Even though at the wrong time it doesn't seem to make much sense as to why certain people walk in well others walk out or why the ones who have always been there step inside a little harder to give a deeper sense of help. Its those who give a little deeper when you would least expect them to offer more than they have already offered you in your friendship of life. It is those who are willing to chase something not openly unfolded completely to experiment with the inner mess otherwise never really been touched by them previously other than a surface layer.

It's the true beauty of friendships which stand along the edge with you that count the most. So treasure them and don't push them away because sometimes you don't get that second chance to claim what you had back.

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