Monday, March 29, 2010


What is LOVE? The answer to this question is one I cannot describe or explain, since I have not experienced it in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. But love from the degree of friendships, family, etc. I can relate to. I think the love of family for me in my case outweighs the love of friendships. You begin to realize things... things from family members that you didn't bother to put any interest into noticing, things you never truly showed you cared about before. Sometimes it is the option of death, birth, unconventional circumstances that unexpectedly arise in life that wake you up to make a change in life until its too late. It's the love around you that you allow yourself to surround about that gives you hope and belief that a deeper connection that can mess you up either for the good or bad that allows you to hold on when you think all it is is a hopeless dream not ever going to come. I believe each and every one of us in this world wants to experience a love relationship that of you see in the twilight saga movies. Sometimes love can push one another part or it can bring two people together that were not as closely together but yet not completely apart. But I think before you can get this loovee you have to love YOU first! You have to be able to accept you for you and love every detail, flaw, and impefection about you so you can be happy in love with another person.

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