Thursday, July 8, 2010

Talk Booster July 6/10

I know it's pretty late here on my end of the world. But I just wanted to write this before I got off from doing all that I have on my blog. I couldn't just leave this empty until tomorrow when I go to re-edit some more. I just wanted to talk and maybe possible give someone a boost, hope or give that one person who may be down some confidence. Or possibly this could just be a ramble to some really and not much help of any.

Everyone has dreams, ambitions and things in life that we need, must or want to accomplish. However, sometimes when it comes to things such as that nature we don't always have the support we would hope for. Sometimes, we just walk away with our heads way down then what they were before coming into contact with this person. Yes, there are people like this in this world and you can't always listen to them. Who are they to tell you who you are and what you are capable of? Sometimes, we listen to peoples opinions too much that we forget about what we truly want in our life and what would make us happy. We push our dreams, happiness, and life choices aside to suit someone elses life style, opinion, or to pursue someone elses dream that isn't even ours. When this begin to happens it begins to affect our life and the choices we make in life.

Other peoples thought and opinions shouldn't let your life choices afflict with what you need to accomplish or do to get to where you want to go. And yes, there are people who think because they have a higher rank in life they control you, or have the power to push you into a corner and your not allowed to stand up for yourself because that would be a mistake on your part. Honestly, people like that, don't have power over you even though they'd like to think so. They only way they have power over you is if you let them have power over you. Sometimes you just need to stand up and speak up for yourself or do achieve what it is that you want to achieve. It's also okay if you fail, as along as you try try try again then everything will be okay and work out the way its suppose to but thats only if you really want it and are willing to try again and not let some negative persons thoughts affect you. Along with you have to put in the effort to get what you want also. You can't just hope for it to fall straight on your lap because for the most part it doesn't work that way.

The whole justification of this all is...
1. be YOU
2. Achieve your DREAMS/AMBITIONS
4. put in the effort to accomplish what you want
5. surround yourself with positive people
6. make goals / set time limits to achieve them
7. try new things
8. laughter, be happy, enjoy life, experience, explore, let goo, be FREE.
9. be open-minded to things & take opporunities that you normally wouldn't
10. be who you are, want to be, achieve, hope, and along the way INSPIRE.


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