Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yeah that's that SUPER BASS!

Hello Beautiful Lovelies!! :D
Promise Granted as said!! Yaaaay :D Yes, I know.. I am very excited to do a post tonight!! I have been wanting to do a decent one for a couple of days now, so I thought I'd do it while I'm waiting to watch my two shows. Here it is and I hope you enjoooy! :D Thanks for stopping by again and checking back. :D Just to mention I did not get all this at one time it's been over a couple of weeks I've purchased these items. Also, I'll mention where I got everything even if it may be obvious. :D

Floral Blouse : 
Earrings & Ring : Forever21
Nude Bra : Victoria Secret PINK / Name of Bra : Ultimate Push Up
Floral Bra : Aerie [connected to American Eagle] / Name of Bra : Brooke
Grey Shorts : Victoria Secret PINK
Black & Light Blue Sleep Shorts : Victoria Secret PINK
Lavender Hoodie : Victoria Secret PINK

Have a great night! :D
P.S. - I will see you soon for another post on what I was waiting for to come in the mail because I got it today while I was at work. I will have to read it first before I can do a post because I don't want to post it up and not get to finishing it like the Bobbi Brown one which I still have to finish that post. :p

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