Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Talk - Update!

Hello Beautiful Lovelies!

I just wanted to do a post that was just me talking about different stuff and whatnot because I feel like I have been slacking and definitely not following through on the focus of this blog which I said I was going to do more regularly and haven't been doing. My attempt of regular updates has been a complete FAIL! I am definitely sorry for that and there isn't really any excuses to be used I guess but then again I am sure some can understand life gets busy and hectic at times, so yeah. I have a lot a lot to do and keep up with for this blog I have all the things I wanted to show or mention on this blog photographed and there awaiting me on my computer to be posted for you lovely people to read. I will start with the most recent things and work my way back to the past things that I never got on here. Another thing that I need to follow up with is the book Bobbi Brown : Beauty Rules Book I didn't ever finish reading that book and that's on my list of the next book to read completely. It's a must finish to be fully reviewed since I will have to wait for the next book that I want to read to review which will take a while to come to me. As for other things I have been lacking on is going to exercise.. sulk face. I know, I know I need to get back into this routine I was doing super good and then work took over and I haven't been for 2 months now which isn't good because all the hard work I put into toning my body and feeling healthy is going down the drain slowly. However, that is all happening on account of me and I have myself to take into account for that no one else. So right now I am just going to make a list things that I need to do for this beautiful blog for you lovely followers that continuous read or follow religious but is not updated regularly.

- Read & complete a full review of Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules Book
- Update once a week to start off to work my way up to follow through to regular updates
- Latest things I've purchased
- Outfit looks from me to represent my style
- Book reviews that I find interesting to mention on my blog
- Random update rambles
- Tell people : get the word out about my blog
- Reviews in general about things movies + fashion + accessories + travel .. etc.
- Update Talk Boosters a lot a lot more because I think those seem to be a BIG hit on my blog!

- Update regularly
- Fashion style of other people I find interesting
- Future Q & A for my followers
- Maintain this blog with things that represent me and my personality
- Keep the different aspects I have added as pages to this blog to give you lovely beauties the view of what I feel, like and enjoy!

I think this is pretty much all I have to say another than Taylor Swift is coming to my hometown in August for a concert which is 2 days the Thursday & Friday and I am very lucky I got tickets to go to her concert. It's going to be an amazing experience, so I hope that in August I will have mentioned about this topic on her for you lovelies to read! I also say No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman and that movie was so good! I loved it and I can't wait until it comes out on dvd, so I can have that to watch over and over. I will write a post about that as well but I will wait until it comes out on dvd because that way I can mention all the important things I want to! :D What else? Oh yes, another movies I want to mention about as well is Frankie & Alice, very good movie. I shall talk about that also but probably more so incorporate it in as a Talk Booster. I think this is all I have left to mention today. I wish you beauties a lovely morning/day/night which ever time you are reading this.


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