Sunday, February 6, 2011

True Whit

True Whit by Whitney Port! =)

So I got this book finally! I was waiting a long time for it to be released and then found out the date it was to be released wasn't so at all. However, that it was out since January 21st, 2011! Anyways, besides the point .. the book is very interesting. I think it's a great book especially when you're first moving out on your own by yourself and have your own place. There is so many little different bits and pieces to her book. As again it's an easy read for sure but I have been reading it over the course of 9 days now. I know you guys are probably thinking another girl from the hills with a book again! To be honest hers and Lo's are worth reading and I won't be reading any other Hills cast mates books. I know their is Lauren's Style book but her book doesn't intrigue me to want to be it or read it at all. I've skimmed through it so many times when I go to the book store and it just doesn't sit well with me. Ok, I think that is a little too much information on other things and a lot less on this book I'm talking about. So the things and different aspects of the book I liked are definitely ..

The Basic items you should have in your wardrobe
&. Great pair of fitted jeans preferably dark because they're a bit more "dressier" and can be worn to work

&. The little black dress .. need I say more?

&. Simple white, black or heather gray tanks/tees

&. A leather jacket

&. Cashmere knit scarves in any color

&. Black boots [the little black booties in short, medium, tall or over the knee who doesn't love booties?]

&. A black or navy blazer! [a definite must have at least one in my opinion]

&. Simple heels 2-3 inches [again probably most of you will opt for black but a splash of color is very nice as well to make your outfit pop]

&. A sleek pencil skirt [the classic, elegant, beautiful skirt that makes you look wonders and works both ways for day or night -- SCORE!]

&. An accessory that adds polish [ I myself love accessories they're the best part of completing your outfit. I preferably though like gold for my jewelery than silver. Not only that it allows for you to bring out your amazing personality that compliments your outfit.]

Some other things worth mentioning that I liked from the book was 'How to throw a party' which was very intriguing because she gives you ideas and guidelines if you wanted to do that but didn't know where to start.

When it comes to the section on Dating she gives advice on wowing guy giving gifts, the L word and meeting the parents. I definitely like what she said and agree with her "Love is between two people; it's meant to be private." One thing about meeting the parents that it's a must for every girl and this is now the second time I have read this is bring a gift. Bring either a bottle of wine, flowers or a small dessert along with dress conservative - nothing sloppy, sexy, low necklines and the skin tight. You want to make a great impression.

Whit's 6 signs it's getting SERIOUS
- He calls you his "girlfriend".
- He asks your opinion.
- He's willing to make sacrifices.
- He gets green with envy.
- He's fast-forwarding ti the future.
- He wants to be with you.

Whit's 6 signs it's OVER
- Absence is making the heart grow colder.
- The fire has fizzled.
- You have nothing to say.
- He doesn't want to make future plans.
- You don't think happy thoughts
- You're constantly fighting

The last thing that I am going to talk about from the book because there is a lot of information and interesting topics and such is the last chapter called: Designing woman which are 7 steps she gives you and are very well true and I think the bold ones I highlighted should be followed no matter the career choice or things you want to accomplish in your life.

I definitely recommend this book it's very enticing and gives you a lot of ideas and guidelines to help you with things. I think this book is especially good if you are living on your own for the first time like I said before.


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