Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update - Check Out to Stay Informed!

Hello Beautiful Lovelies, I have been on my blog a lot more lately and posting up also twice for a day. However, some of you that may have been following will notice my layout has changed once again! It's not that I was bored or wanted it changed but it had to be because of my PAGES section would not allow full view of what I had written. So, yes it has changed again; I did try to make it similar to the white but also making sure that every section of this blog was visible to view without any problems. I actually like the color of this new layout even though I was trying to opt for white as the background. How my blog works now since it may look bare and empty to most of you but everything is located at the very bottom of the posts, so if you're looking for: About Me, Pages, Blog Archive, Categories, Followers or to see Live Traffic Feed it is all located down below! :D To view each post that I have written just click on the title name of that post and it will pop up for you to read and view the whole post. Also, I have decided that when I do an update I will use this photo to allow users to know it's an update ramble post. So, if you see this and don't want to read then you may skip but my update posts are very clear in title so that shouldn't be a problem really. I would also like to note that I have update some posts from the past with real images of the items instead of the internet photos I had on previously. I did that for the posts on : Taylor Swift, Cuff Bracelet, Bobbi Brown Blush Peony, Marc Jacobs Pomegranate, OPI Dim Sum Plum and OPI Significant Other. I also updated the QUOTES section of my blog since I haven't done that in a really long time so that's newly updated also. Some other worthy things to mention for you blog readers is that my PAGES section will be changing also in the next few days. I also will be updating the TALK BOOSTER section as well because that is a couple months old and needs a new update. I still need to finish the posts of TREASURE YOURSELF & MY SKIN CARE ROUTINE, so that will also be finished before anything new gets posted up. I have made up a calendar for myself for April as a guideline of what to post, yet it will change I am sure as to what I want to post certain days for whatever reason. I hope this will help with staying on track with regular blog post updates for you guys to view/read. I also need to finish the Bobbi Brown Book post as well along with the Marc Jacobs follow up perfume post, so stay on the look out for those two updates within a week or two. I think this is all that I need to mention on this update, if I missed anything just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Thank you greatly for staying and reading this update! Maybe I will get to the Talk Booster tonight so that it's up but no guarantees.


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