Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bahamas with Bobbi Brown!?

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer which I am in love with! I love this product and was definitely worth the money. I think it was $45 CAD which yeah sure it seems expensive but for me it's definitely a great product which I love. It just does wonders for my skin & brightens up my face especially the days when I look super tired and I just splash some of this on, what a brighting difference from tiredness to glowy wakeness. It just gives my cheeks that extra pop and makes my skin look sun kissed. I honestly don't know much else to say about this product really. I have been using it here and there over a couple of months now. However, I will admit I do not use it all the time because I do not wear makeup all the time everyday I just randomly wear makeup. However, this product has been a definte go to lately since I always look so tired and people can see it in my face, so I feel this product really helps brighten my face. This is pretty much it that I have to say on this product. Just to mention though I am 07 Bahamas in Bobbi Illuminating Bronzer. :D



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