Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paul Mitchell : Clarifying Shampoo

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So I had mentioned about this product before and how I was going to put up a post on it but I never did yet. I just wanted to wait to use it longer because it's hard to give a review of only using it twice. I purchased this shampoo to get rid of the impurities in my scalp from hair build up of products. It wasn't because I am a swimmer, which I think this is mainly directed for so that people who swim regularly don't have damaged hair from the chlorine water. Also just to mention I guess there is two different kinds but the one I have says Shampoo Three on the bottle so there isn't any confusion. I only used this product once a month even though it says suitable for daily use except on color treated hair. For myself not being a swimmer I wouldn't use it daily because it makes your hair feel strawy is the best way I can explain it. The shampoo helps remove chlorine, impurities, increase inner strength and prevent immediate re-deposit. Ideal for swimmers as I mentioned. Also good before deep conditioning your hair.
How it works : Apply a small amount. Massage and then rinse.
I leave it on my hair for few minutes to really get the product to clear away the impurities. About 2-3 minutes but I am not telling you to do that because everybody's hair is different and that is just what I do with my hair. I definitely like this product and would buy this product again after I am all out because I think it really works and my scalp feels so clean after, it feels just great. If you are going to do this I wouldn't recommend putting in product the next day or for a few days, so you can have a clean scalp free from impurities. I having been using this product for 4 months now which is 4 times I have used it since I only do it once a month. I don't recommend if you're not a swimmer to use this product daily because your hair may become damaged because of the ingriendents in the product.

After using the clarifying shampoo and rinsing it out, you must use a conditioner to put back in the nurients into your hair and make it soft. Do Not Use Shampoo then condition. Just condition after using the clarifying shampoo!!


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