Monday, May 16, 2011

Talk Booster - April 2011

Wow, so where do I begin here and with this Talk Booster? I kind of have an idea that's been toppling my mind lately and recently. First, I must say that I am sorry for not having done one of these sooner! I know it has been a couple months since I have done this but I will try to update this more often. I'm hoping twice a month at the least if not once. But, anyhow to continue on to this addition to all the other additions.

I think every now and again we need to 'set fire to the rain' to renew ourselves, change, grow and open ourselves up to love along with the possibilities of getting hurt. We need this in order to recognize the abilities inside of us we lack to see but that of which others see in us. Closing ourselves off from these things just allows for the walls to continually get stronger day by day which then deepens us into the ground even more than before and makes getting out a struggle. A [struggle] but possible!

Once you allow yourself to recognize the beautiful gift of loving and the ability it has to over power everything you didn't allow it to touch before, it's a wonderful miracle. Letting love come in slowly to reformat it's positive energy to dispose of the negativity is the best thing you could ever allow yourself to do. When you allow love to do what it does best, miracles transform in front of your eyes that like you wouldn't believe. I think that is just the beginning though, it gives you the opportunity to realize what is not working for you in life in the negative department. For each person it could be anything, from negative thoughts, allowing people to abuse you, take advantage of you or not giving yourself the full self-worth that is worthy for the beautiful person that you are, just to name a few things.

Life can be difficult at times but who said life was suppose to be easy and bearable? The challenges are what make you the wonderful, sweet delicate flower blossoming into the full potential possible to achieve. However, the main thing that's most important in life is to try and maintain a balance to the best possible degree you can. I know there's going to be days or times when it just won't work that way which is okay because there is circumstances out of our control that unbalance us and our life. To never have a balance or boundaries in life or ever is when you're lost and don't fully have a sense of how much is too much? how much is enough to deal with until you allow yourself to break? The critical thing to being strong and not weak is having boundaries.

Boundaries is the thing that gives you the strength to do what you want and what you feel is right for you. Everybody has a right and if you allow people to abuse you and take advantage of you, it's like giving yourself away for free and getting nothing in return. But if you've never been brought up to have those values instilled within you then you wouldn't really have a full clue how to separate certain things. You kind of allow yourself to have everything clash into one category and it's all the same in everything in life which can be a not so good thing. Because instead of confronting things, you're probably more likely to avoid them, allow them to happen even though you don't feel good about it or push things away etc. I just feel that makes you lack the love you're fully capable of receiving all because you try to be strong, independent and shut out the possibilities that could conform just by being open.

You don't deserve to be treated less than your self-worth you have of your self. You know why you don't deserve to be mistreated? Because you're beautiful, wonderful, kind, caring, smart, independent and have the full potential to go as far as you can in this amazing life! You are unique and you for a reason, do you and be you. The ones who truly care will be there for you and understand. They will give the unconditional love that you never allowed from them to come in even though they continuously gave it, you just chose to reject it. You will begin to realize why everything was wrong and everything is now beautiful and feels so right.

The leading thought to leave from this is not to allow yourself to be abuse in any way or form. Don't let people belittle you and make you feel so small, don't let them have the gratitude of knowing you allowed them to win. A real true friend would never make you feel degraded and worthless for any reason.. and I mean any. Even if you break apart and start to talk again it will NEVER be the same it was the first time, it won't be that way because everything may still leak through in the back of your mind when you realize the people who truly cared and still care for you.

The ones who saw the brightest little sparkle shine when you never could understand why, those are the ones to love hard back but don't be so hard on. The ones who you need to be hard on are the ones who mistreat you and make you feel guilty for no reason or allow you to become a doormat. This person is not you and will not be you anymore, you will allow yourself to receive the best you deserve and nothing lower of the standards you set. Never, never lower them ever for no one or no reason and don't allow people to let you think your standards are to high because if they were low then you would be treated like dirt. Never settle for less than you deserve, especially when you know you can do so much better, so much better than second best. Be positive, respectful, allow love to flow through, give love and take risks. Be on top of the world!


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