Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who needs a boyfriend, I got my girlfriends when we get together the summer never ends

Good Rainy Evening to You Beautiful Lovelies!

So I have been meaning to do a another post and I'm getting to it now even though I am super tired. I did do some baking I was going to post up about but I never got around to taking photos because I just had to much things going on along with it was for someone birthday. Next, time I will make sure to show what I made when I make it again. Anywho, I just came on here to show what I got today at the mall, which I wasn't planning or looking for anything. I found the cu.test weekend bag when going away at AERIE today! I hope of getting it but I am not sure if I really really need to have it. But it's too cute not to get! :D I am really excited to read the book I got! I got it from AERIE; I was just browsing and they had all these fashion books and just cute items for I guess back to school. The book was an item I couldn't walk away from. I had to purchase it! I shall write more about the book in another post soon. The dress I bought from Costa Blanca for those that live in Canada. =) Other, than that Teen Mom tonight! So interesting to watch but only the cast with Maci, Amber, Catelynn & Farrah is the seasons I like. The new people I never watch. Anyhow, I will get on with the photos! Have a great night! Hopefully, it's sunny where you are! :D


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