Saturday, October 15, 2011

WORK IT -- larger than life . . la da da daa

Hello Lovelies,

So this is a dedicated post to Mrs. Courtney, Meg! On Thursday, October 13th I went and did a lifestyle photo session with her out all the way in British Columbia. I was excited along with nervous but mostly nervous for the flight and figuring everything out on my own. I have flown before but never by myself and sometimes airports can be a challenge. I figured it out and made it to the landing point but then came the destination meeting spot once I got there which went smoothly also. It definitely has changed from when I was last there because I would go to B.C. in the summer and I don't remember it looking how it looks now. It's a definite most go back and spend a week there and revisit everything because like things in life, things improve and change for either good or bad but it helps you to learn to re-adapt.

I am glad that I made this choice to do the photo session because I have wanted to do this for a long while and it was about finding the right person. Call it pure luck, right timing or whatever you want to use for the word but for me it was picture perfectly clear I had to have Meg to do my photos. What I had seen from her work on her facebook fan page and website/blog I was intrigued and amazed. Call me picky but I believe that comes with being a creative person and not only that it's good to know what you want and go after it. Sometimes we just think it will work it's self out or we rely on others from Point A to B to complete every little detail which I guess for some works. I however feel taking charge of certain aspects gets you the things you envision or desire and come out even more wonderful than you had envision.

I had an amazing time to see all the props come into play with the photos, it just made everything interesting. I am so excited to see the rest of the photos soon but as for the teasers I got now, they're amazing and got wonderful feedback from family and friends. I'll be completely honest, I was scared to look at them, not in fear of disappointment but in fear of seeing the OMG moment.. no way that's mee. Ahhhh, lol! :D I just feel the images I seen so far, you can see a captured story in the photo it's self and it's so beautifully amazing.

Once I contacted her and checked out her website/blog/facebook fan page I was hooked, addicted, fell in complete looove! I went through everything and read everything right down to the very first post and to the personal stuff of who she is and what she likes. Call me obsessive but I enjoy seeing a new post on my news feed of a new photo session she has done or a blog post she has written. It's like Christmas or the First Snow Fall of Winter, amazing reads with an incredible view on life and extraordinary images that capture stories along with the beauty. Meg is definitely someone who when I came home and saw my teaser's posted made me go 'If I ever got engaged/married I would without a doubt go back to her to capture the beautiful moments that life offers. Even so without those two occasions I would go back again and do another lifestyle session with her! I absolutely LOVE her; I mean LOVE her!

I think my second most favorite thing about her along with her photography is just how focused and appreciative she is about life. The life of 'The Secret' which you can tell she lives life to the fullest and attains the things she desires in life, no matter what her outcome is, positivity is priority instead of negative energy. For me, that part about her inspires me because instead of just being within life, she's larger than life. She's the sunshine that reflects through piercing a strong light that blinds you while hanging out on round hay bales on a summer night.

She is just so kind, utterly and completely beautiful, a wonderful smile, absolute gorgeous hair that I love. She's so open and makes you feel comfortable; I didn't feel awkward once well being with her, whether it was talking or getting directions while she was shooting a shot. I don't know how to explain this but I'll try to the best of my ability but there is something about her that sparkles, that you know she's going places and will succeed. I can't explain it but it's a feeling, something that you feel and just know inside yourself. For example, how people see things in me that I just never could understand or get how they see these wonderful things but they do. If that makes, any sense?

- Below I attached one of the photos she took; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I just wanted to do this post directed to Mrs. Courtney and to say Thank You so far for everything. I can't wait to see the rest of photos! I am so very glad to have met you, it truly was an amazing opportunity.

For everybody else, reading this post I know it's a long one but if you stuck through right down to the bottom of this. I definitely recommend you checking out her website/blog and facebook fan page which I directly linked in this post, so click on the links. Also, if you have facebook LIKE her and help her see her business grow.

Yours Truly,

Signed, Joe

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