Friday, October 14, 2011

I need a hero I'm holding out out for a hero 'til the morning light

Hello, Hello!!

Yes, I know I haven't done a post in the longest time and I'm not going to provide any excuses or anything of that matter. It just simply is life and sometimes in life you can't let things pass you by and you have to enjoy every bit of it. Sometimes it's a world wind of a mess along with crazy busy and sometimes it's slow.

I'm just a little annoyed that I had to come back and rewrite this post since what I had written didn't even post it got deleted. Anyways.. I went to see Footloose tonight with a friend from work and I liked the movie it was pretty close to the original. I think it was a good remake to be honest, definitely had the dancing and of course the music. It had some good laughs and at the end of the movie it made you want to go dancing or dance. I would go see it again if someone asked to go see it.

As for the music, my favorite song that played in the movie which I love is by Ella Mae Bowen - Holding Out for a Hero she did a recover and it's just beautiful. My new favorite on constant replay at the moment. If you haven't heard of the song, you should definitely check it out on youtube.

Have a great night!

Photo from Footloose

Signed, Joe

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