Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss. Keshia Chante

Hello Lovelies!!

Hope your 11-11-11 had been good! So I wanted to do a post finally after a long while again. I bought this album last night while I was in walmart. I just saw it and never knew it came out but I was waiting for this album to come out foreveer! Why? Because I have been following Miss. Chante since Shook, Unpredictable and so forth along with have her other 2 albums as well. The comparison from those two albums to her 3rd one just released is her vocal range. It definitely has different range and not all one level vocally which you can tell she has grown from the last two albums she released. I definitely am feeling this album because of the way she laid it out, split it into two. You got your dance music the first half and the second half of the album is your slow, soul r&b. I like the concept and I love the photos of her in her album. I really like the cd graphic she chose for the cd. I have loved Keshia since day one when I first heard her song shook and will continue to love and support her music. She is also someone to keep there as inspiration/motivation to prove you can do what it is that you sent your mind to by just working hard and not giving up. I did get out of this album some songs I like right away off the bat.. 1. Hotline 2. Hang My Jersey Up [I loooove this song] 3. If U Say . If you have never heard of her or heard her music definitely check her out!

Signed, Joe

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