Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello Lovelies!!

It is officially winter here on my end of the globe and today looked freezing cold! I thankfully didn't have to work today, so it was a lazy sleep all day kind of day in warm cozy pajamas. I just want to post some things that I have been putting off for a while now and my most recent. It was cold out before but not lots of snow it was melted the next day that of the first snow fall. I really needed just mittens to keep my hands warm and not dryed from the cold weather. I found these cute ones from Aldo and had to have them. I love the design and color, but there is a downside to them to be honest. When you touch certain things the furryness of the gloves come off onto certain clothes or things you touch. I love them anyway because they are a great way to accessorize your outfit if you're wearing solid color like black for example! The mittens are definitely not for super cold weather, more so for fashion purpose and cooler weather. not for -20 or more in my opinion but if go from the store to car then I think you should be fine.

Another item I got in the fall was a pair of boots, brown to be more specific because I do not have a pair in that color. I have a grey and black suede boot and now brown, however my brown ones are leather. They are cute and have a wedge and I just loveee the color ultimately and the little detail at the foot of the boot.

Near the same time as the boots I also purchased a new purse because I just needed one, something new. Also, I needed something just simply easy to use while going through the airport that could hold the necessary things that I needed but yet looked great at the same time! I choose this black purse and boy do I love it! I always get compliments on the purses I choose. However, I did have a hard time choosing between the black and brown I really loved the brown but it was a lighter brown more for the time of fall. The black just goes with everything no matter what and perhaps maybe a safe choice because you always know you can never go wrong with a black purse at all. Did I still like the brown one of course and I still want to get it but I'm not to sure. I will also add the link to aldo for this purse in case anyone wants to purchase the bag. I love it and I have worn it everyday since I got it in October. It hasn't teared on me or anything, everything is still in tack. I have been wearing this bag for over a month I would say, everyday without any switching out to another purse. This bag is consider a hand held but it has a strap you can wear it on your shoulder or cross body style.

Actually all of these things I got on this post are from Aldo so I will add the links down below here of all 3 of them so if you like anything you can purchase it for yourself! Have a lovely night.

1. Mittens
2. Handheld Handbag
3. Mid-calf Wedge Boot

Signed, Joe

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