Friday, December 30, 2011

Talk Booster - Dec. 5th

Decisions, life is full of them. They are always standing there right in front of you waiting for your reply. Sometimes, they can be pretty simple, other times they can be pretty hard or other times the choices you chose to make can be irrational and suffer consequences that the eyes don't meet at the time. 

Some times in life you start to notice things beginning to happen so fast and becoming completed all of a sudden. It kind of startles you and makes you wonder why everything is happening at this speed and where's all the time that 'I' still need to process some things going to? Then you, one day are sitting there pondering  over the past 6 months that went by and you never really noticed that much of a significant change. Well so you think or tell yourself, but most likely you are looking for something BIG, GRAND that STANDS OUT and makes your heart ring a fast beat. Instead it's the subtle, simple, yet sweet things then get under minded and undeniably motioned out of focus because it doesn't seem that important. When you think about it all, it's those little things that kick the grand gestures to the curb. They have something hidden, yet beautiful strung together for you that you have to be willing to find. 

What we are all looking for at times may be hard to find or at other times it's meeting us dead within our eyes. It's the case of us being willing to take a risk to figure it all out or to lead us on a path that may be wrong with a bend-y curvy road. However Some of us are just sitting and waiting for a sign, like a hopeless star struck shooting star flashing across the sky whenever it feels like at any given time. I think for the most part it's on us, it's on us to not just sit around and wait for certain things to come or to wonder. The one risk we are faced with and having a hard time deciding on could be the one that makes or breaks you. It could be a pivadolent moment to define everything that you've ever dreamed of happening in your life time. It could be the undoubted success that no one else can see, it could be your ultimate passion that runs through your veins that lets you live out your very beautiful, up all night, do everything you can but you still think you can do more to make it even better than what appears as star studded front row ultimate red carpet glow. 

It's the letting yourself grow, find out who you are, what you are capable of, what you able to leave behind and what you are willing to confront and move on to present-future time that helps give life a positive spin. It can change everything, it is your ultimate control, it is in your hands whether or not you want to live in the past or worry about the future and leave behind the present that's happening right here in time. 

I get that we can find ourselves questioning.. why? how is it suppose to fall together? when is it going to come about? It can simply feel like everything is happening all too soon too quick. There can be so many decisions and things that cross our minds.. it can be as simple as school, work, family, friends, self etc. The decisions can tear us apart inside or they can release a fire spark waiting to explode up high, high, high like fireworks in the dark sky night. 

It's those times when you need a little white winter wonderland free range full of snow and a little record machine car playing a sentimental road song that just flows. [insert your song] mine at this moment would be Michelle Branch's new single "Loud MUSIC" It makes me get lost deep into thinking, analyzing, yet also provokes the souls deep pondering that rest on the mind but is waiting to be fully released. 

My life's pondering at this moment are what give me hope but at the same time keep me guessing along with allow me to seek the undeniable truth and beauty that is with held in every thought circulating my minds hemisphere. It gives the ability to open space for something new, beautiful, crazy, wild, fun and unpredictable to store screaming adventure unlike any heard of previous experiences had before. 

Life is about finding your happiness, your passion, your love and creating your own family. It's about giving everything you have inside of you like a record machine filled with songs. It's about giving, showing respect; it's about loyalty, honesty and above all it's about giving the truth down to the bare even if you think they can't handle it. The truth may hurt at the time but ultimately down the long run it will win over hearts. You may not see it in another soul, eyes or even get to witness but time will reveal it it's self to you in some way. 

- The truth wins, every time and gets you every time just like decisions that string along down a clothes line. It doesn't jade you, it simply speaks the truth and it will speak it in silence but if you can't ultimately hear, it will speak it loud and clear like rolling stones playing on vinyl crystal clear during a fireworks show.

xo. pixie dust kisses ` 

Signed, Joe

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