Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals/Resolutions

- Hello 2012!! 

I know I had just written my last post of 2011 on the 31st of December and I am already back with a new updated Talk Booster for you lovelies! It only makes sense though, since it's a new year with a brand new fresh start! So this post isn't really going to be all deep and detailed like my other ones just to be straight to the point in case you were looking for that. This is post is more about resolutions for 2012 that I have for myself. I was actually debating on whether or not I should share this or not and I decided to just go about sharing it. Why? Because everyone makes them number one and secondly was something more personally that rung in my head that I read in 2011 which makes sense which is to share. I am definitely not one to express things openly but also you never know who may be able to help you, or connect you, keep you on a straight path or even the fact of it makes you even more responsible for sharing. It makes you take more responsibility by sharing if that even makes a lot of sense? Well I am just going to get at it and tell me yours if you like! Happy New Year - 2012!! 

- Share my blog with people (I know there is this thing called the internet but there is also people in my life that have no idea. It's not that I am embarrassed or anything it's just I am not the type who likes to be center of attention for things that I find as a hobby, fun or normal. Where as to others it may be exciting or even OMG!! Best way I can express it in detail or else this will be even longer.)

- BLOG, BLOG, BLOG! (I really want to work more and more on my blog this year. I know last year I said I wanted to be but I just never followed through, so this is a must. I am going to just start off small as to post once a week for sure. I also want to really really work on doing proper outfit of the day looks most definitely.)

- Eat Healthy!! (I was doing so good before along with exercising and I just stopped because I became really ill but I really want to work on this and keep it going strong. I want to stop spending unnecessary money on fast food and things that I could make myself. On the plus side saves A LOT of money for me as well.)

- Get back into exercising to be more toned (It also is a great way to calm my mind from racing thoughts number one. second when I am getting my body to what I want to achieve it makes me feel great about myself. third reason why this is my goal is because I don't feel that great about my body to be honest.)

- Be more communicative, direct, speak what's on my mind and stick up for myself. (I know that's a lot in one but they all pretty well tie in together really for communication. Why this is my goal is because I know before I was super shy, closed off to people or hid things about myself because I didn't feel the need to share things. Over 2011 I have learnt a lot and have learnt to become more open, share and make interactions/relationships more deeper than the surface things I allowed to be or didn't. I definitely lacked giving anything of myself to others and really it's unfair especially when someone gives all of themselves to you.)

- to learn another language!! I have been wanting to achieve this forever and ever. I mean since I was in elementary, no joke! I am going to be serious and actually learn a language along with take it seriously. I think it's important to know another language in life besides your main one which mine is English. My choice is Spanish as my choice of language to learn. Why? Because I know I have people to correct me, help me and I kind of already had been studying it previously and picked it up quick but lost it all because I never kept practicing it. If you don't use it, you lose it, right! I also have wanted to learn German, Norwegian as well but I am going to focus on one language and master that first instead of getting ahead of myself with multiple languages.) 

- Travel + have FUn & enjoy life! (My destination of travel choice to be more specific on this goal is actually to go to London, England! My dream travel place for the last year or two and so I would love to make this goal happen! I know most people would say New York City which I love but I have been there numerous times and have family there, so for me it's different than those people who live in Europe. I just think it would be so fun, maybe even a culture shock a bit or maybe even a lot. I think it would be absolutely incredibly amazing, period. I can't explain it any more than that. Another place I forgot that is included as well is SPAIN, BARCELONA! It looks so incredibly beautiful and amazing.) 

- READ! (Since not being in school for a little bit now I feel like I have nothing valuable when it comes to learning. When you're in school you are constantly learning and up to date with your grammar, spelling, words, definition, knowledge etc. but when I'm not in school there's really nothing. I understand there is the internet and I do research stuff and whatnot but I feel reading expands your mind and imagination to more than what it already is. On top of this I have a pile of books I have which have not been touched that I really should read instead of buying more books and reading those first.)

- Figure out my school situation -- college (As to narrow it down to the final one school and attend! Pretty straight-forward and simple explanation.)

- learn guitar! (I have been wanting to learn this since I was either in grade 11 or 12. It would make sense to learn especially after having a guitar but it's just sitting there not being used. I think learning an instrument is an amazing opportunity.)

- sew quilts (More so specifically the one that is about done but I just have not gotten to finishing it for a really long time now. I feel like it's been 2 years or something, so I must complete that. Not only that I have to complete another one as a special surprise gift I had planned and haven't not even gotten to it, also a must to complete.)

I think this is pretty much it for my 2012 Goals that I have set out for myself but I am sure there are other ones as well but these are the main things that I can think of and have written down. 

I want to leave this post with this verse : Everything is possible for the person who believes. - mark 9:23

Another thing that I want to emphasize on is keep being positive and any things possible, nothing is impossible. You know why? Because it says right in the word I'm Possible! so I thought I would share that and hope all the goals you have set and made for yourself come into fruition and along with this year is a great year with lots of fun and amazingly great energy! 

xo. pixie dust kisses `

(I know I wrote this in my Talk Booster section but I thought I would include it here right away because makes sense to right away.) 

Signed, Joe

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