Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hi Lovelies!!

Yaaay, another post for this week! I was going to hold off to do it tomorrow but I was like no way, just do it now. I am doing it now because it is sitting right here in front of me tempting me and reminding not to forget about this weeks post, so I am going to get-er done! I had work today on a lovely Saturday which usually I do not and ended up looking around at a few stores. I also had a list of things I wanted to check out or get and ended up with the things that I will be showing in this post. My first stop was to try on a simple summer dress I saw in the window display because I thought it looked nice but of course those dresses never look that great on me, so that was a no. After the dress was two pair of shorts in coral and a teal green, loved the teal green waay more! However, I was not one hundred percent sure if I really want them, so I thought I would hold off that purchase and think about it. So on to the next a lipstick, yes a needed to get one to replace the one I had since it was old and did not want to risk any bacteria. Any who I got 002 Revlon Matte PINK POUT. I purchased it because I heard how beautycrush and uglyfaceofbeauty like it and when I saw it on them I liked it too before I even knew what the name of the lipstick was. Hopefully, I like it as much as they do because I am not one to try the testers for stuff like that. Moving onto looking into some yoga pants from Aerie but I ended up coming out with some cute undies along with some colored pants I had seen online and never got around to checking them out to see if they had it available at my local store. Well they did and I tried the coral and teal, the coral was my favourite in the pants and I was SOLD! I love them and the color is just dreamy really at this time since there is snow, it makes summer seem that much closer! I think they would look fabulous with the cute little sandals that I have in my closet, oh summer how I adore you and want you so badly to come!! =)Along with getting those other two things there was some key chains at the counter and a cute little heart ones and I kept touching it and staring at it, so I was like what the heck get it because I know I will go back and they will not have it and will regret it. I love it! It came in the green and pink for the style design I chose. For my second last pit stop to look was H&M I had bypassed it by and then went oh wait I did not see if they had anything new or that would catch my eye. At my random luck I found some pants in a khaki color which I really liked because I seen my sister with some in that color and it looks good dressed with with a nice blouse. My last stop was to The Body Shop since I had been given a gift card from there as a Christmas gift I went to grab my mini body butter that I had ran out of for my purse. My all time favourite that I only use is the Mango. It just hydrates my hands very well and especially since my hands get dry, sometimes very dry, that body butter works amazingly for me and my skin. I did manage to go into other stores where I did find a lovely maxi skirt, so beautiful but yet so cheaply made for $54.50 CAD which was then marked down to $39.50. It still was not a deal to me and second of all the skirt was already ripping on the straps where your belt would go through. The fabric was beautiful but if it was lower then I would have bought it but I am not going to pay for something that is cheap quality, sorry. This was the end of my shopping adventure for today, so I hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully you will get to see those two pants styled in the near future when it gets warmer.

Have a great night! =)

xo. pixie Summer dust kisses `

Signed, Joe

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