Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trade My Soul for a Wish, Pennies and Dimes for a Kiss

Good Super Late Evening Lovelies!! =)

Wow! I know I am almost past my due time of having a post up for this week. I have 30 minutes exactly to get this weeks post up, so a race to the finish line.. ha I think so! I definitely was not too sure of what to write for this week at all. I had ideas pondering through my mind but felt it was too much of the similar thing, if that makes any sense to you at all.. of course the last 30 minutes it hits me! This girl with a completely amazing blog, who makes me laugh through the writing of her blog is incredibly beautiful along with is blessed with beautiful style that makes me go.. ohhh nice!! I like, I loove very much! Just reading her blog seems as though like she could be a real life friend, her personality that shines through is ahh-maz-ing! I LOVE the way she writes, it makes me shine and especially of course since tonight was the first of me hearing about her or finding her after having her blog lefted opened on my web browser to view when I had the chance. I am glad I clicked on her blog and checked her out now this late evening soon to be early early morning. I definitely think she is worth checking out and I also love reading her what she writes because it makes me LAUGH, has so much love and I cannot explain it any other way but completely, utterly, and incredibly amazing! I cannot forget her great husband that she mentions on her blog, he seems like the sweetest guy. I am in complete aww.. when I read about her thoughts on him. It to 5 cent candy pieces! =) Here is a post I liked of hers that I read about her boyfriend now husband! Two pictures from the day I met husband. Her blog is my new obsession to follow daily and I have not come across a blog for a while that I feel I need to check up often. Well with that said here is her blog called The Daybook, enjoy! I hope this was a great change in a way from everything else that I have been posting on here lately or each week. I feel like I have been writing a lot lately this month on my blog and stuff and I know this post it a written post as well but for very good reason to forward you to a very lovely blog! ha.. love it and you and you and you. good night, lovelies! wow, just in time, 5 minutes to spare.. fastest blog entry eveeer, I think so! :p 

p.s. - I also included a photo below to get a sense of what I am talking about when I mention her great style! 

Signed, Joe

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