Friday, March 9, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Well Hello Friday! 

And oh thank you mother nature for the beautiful weather today, it is fabulous!!! This week has seemed to fly by me oh so very fast which I guess is great in a way! I am back again for another Friday of my random thoughts from the week. I actually like doing these posts it's fun and yeah, I really like them. I shall get started here ...

1. I have learnt a lot within this past week or two when it comes to communication. [Remember my goal I said in another post? If not click here] Well I have come to realize that pushing it all aside because you think nothing is going to happen is not true. Because well that pretty little negative thought has definitely proved me wrong and has opened my eyes. It has opened my eyes to things that people would have never known or thought that was the way I was thinking if I had never said anything because they would never think that that was what I was thinking. So overall pro-founding revelation in my eyes. When people say communication is key, I honestly agree that it is!

2. My week has seemed very stress free and mellow with a bit of tiredness from working super late to sleeping in really late on my day off. Both neither great because then my sleep pattern gets messed up for the week and or the next week.  I am grateful for being able to have a nice comfy bed to sleep in because they're some people who don't have that luxury and for that I am thankful.

3. My last week's mention of I need a let's go eat out is happening this weekend, ha .. actually I already had a chance to with a friend tonight and tomorrow I get to meet up with another good close friend, woot! As for tonight it was fabulous! I had a great time like I do every single time we hang out! :D

4. I love when my energy is vibrant and full of laughter from crazy stuff or random things that makes life that much more great!

5. I feel like this week and last I haven't felt very energetic when having a conversation with my close friends via text message. The conversations has seemed short and that is mostly on my part since I just haven't had all the total energy from my crazy week of super late work etc. I think my conversation in person with the people I have been talking to via text will be a lot more excitement since we are hanging out face to face. It is always nice to communicate in that way instead of always via text. I am grateful for the ability to text to be in touch because it is so easy and yeah. [communication, communication such a trending thing this week]

6. I love love love how someone does something so unexpected that you weren't even expecting to happen. Haha, it still got me the next day that I couldn't get over it. I am very appreciative of having someone stay up to say goodnight when I was off work at 12:30am and they have work the next day because we weren't able to chat on the phone. I truly have amazing people in my life, yes I do. I didn't feel guilty or bad just an 'oh my gosh I can't believe you stay up that late' when they could have sent a text and went to sleep. Very thoughtful and I am truly blessed. 

7. I have so much stuff to talk about my minds genius of thoughts as of late yesterday, yep.

8. I like that I have a show on Sunday nights because usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday there isn't anything for me to watch. Just Monday-Thursday but of course Khloe & Lamar makes my Sunday nights even if it's only for 30 minutes once a week.

9. I am excited for spring/summer!! I saw the cutest swim suit Wednesday that I want to get! It's super cute but I also saw some at other stores which I want to check out too. I will see about the swim because I don't exactly have anywhere tropical booked to go to but its a definite 'heart set on' item.

10. I think the song 12:51 (original) by Krissy and Ericka is a really cute song! There is also an official music video on youtube click here to watch.

11. I am glad I have gotten to read something and can't wait to read my next book that I purchased. It's called 'The Magic' by Rhonda Bryne who wrote 'The Secret' and 'The Power'

12. Finally stopping by Bath and Body Works to check out the new scents for the spring/summer and walking out with two new candles and a body scrub for my mom because I thought it smelled so good. It was called Aruba Coconut. The two candles I got were Mango Beachwood and Coconut Water. 

11. I really want to go somewhere as of lately, just get up and go somewhere. I think it also comes from researching up places such as Hawaii and other tropical places this beautiful earth has to offer.

12. I think my really close friend and her boyfriend are too cute! The way they are from when she talks makes me feel like this "My future couple to look up to when and if I have a boyfriend ever! lol =)" I loved her response "I still can't wait to see who that boyfriend is!!!" I honestly can't wait to see who he is either because it makes me excited just thinking about it. 

13. I love thedaybookblog aka Sydney. I always have to mention to my close good friend about her outfit posts especially these last two she's posted about, damn! My first thoughts on Wednesdays outfit look "Hot damn, she looks so darn smokin in the outfit she put together! that's definitely a HOT date look for me, no questions asked! =)" and for Thursdays look "damn she just pulls looks like a fresh to death mercedes benz!"

14. Me, hoping to have a boy in the near future because it's been all girls only in our family and a boy would be nice. I have always wanted a brother forever since I can remember/small but I know that wasn't possible. However, I do have someone in my life that is like a brother figure to me and so having a son would be even greater for me in my near future.

15. The Cinnamon Challenge was a great highlight brought to my attention by my friend. I honestly could not try that but it was funny. Here's the video. Haha, the end with talking about chili powder, oh daamn what a crazy challenge that would be.

16. My very very last thought is from tonight, when I realized I had a feeling about something but never said anything because when I do it's actually the thought that comes out of my mouth which is then true. It either becomes true 10 minutes later, an hour, the next day or a couple of days. It's when I have said something from my mouth that it just automatically comes to me. It just blurts out and then people are like whoa how did you know that but it's just simply me listening to my intuition. I have always  listened to it and when I haven't that's when things aren't very great but the very rarest cases when I never listen to it. Maybe I should have said something but at the same time I didn't feel the need to stress someone on my thoughts especially while they're at work, working. 

I believe this is the end of my thoughts for this week. So have a lovely weekend. =) Thanks for those who read these friday thoughts. I know they're long, so if you read all the way to the bottom thanks and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to hear my thoughts.  

Have a wonderful late rest of the night that is left. 

Signed, Joe

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