Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 20 : Heart Magic

Hello Friday Morning!! 

It doesn't seem as sunny at all out this morning, but I guess it's because it's suppose to rain. I am going to make the best of my day whether it rains or not today! We are now on the home stretch here and countdown begins, so today's task is down and six more down to complete.Okay, so I had the right title for yesterday's task, however I wrote out the task for today on there so I am going to fix that right now. I just realized that now and sorry for that. Click back to yesterday's to check out the correct task plus along with my count your blessings. Good thing I caught that this morning! 

Here is today's task :

-  Focus your mind and your attention on the area around your heart.
- Close your eyes, and while keeping your mind focused on your heart, mentally say the magic words, thank you.
- Take your Top Ten Desire List and practice Heart Magic by reading each desire, then closing your eyes, focusing your mind on the area around your heart, and slowly saying thank you, again. 



1.  I am truly blessed to have a variety in my schedule at work today, because it was really nice to do a lot of different things instead of one.
2.  I am so happy and grateful for being able to go see a movie with my gorgeous friend & to talk for a bit before the movie started, because I love hanging out with her!!! She is the best, the absolute best!
3.  I am truly grateful for the movie 'The Lucky One', because I really enjoyed it, it was good!
4. With all my heart, thank you for the information given to me about furthering myself, because I like challenges and sometimes taking a risk is just the exact thing one needs in life to push you to your true full potential or beyond limits you even thought unimaginable. 
5. I am so happy and grateful for finding a gift for a little boy's birthday, because I wasn't sure of what I really wanted to get but I managed to find a cute gift.
6. I am truly grateful for the chance to supervise again today, because it allows a challenge but also to give familar with things that I am unsure of. 
7. I am truly blessed for an amazing friend that I have in my life, because she is pure and true as gold.
8. I am truly grateful for the ride I received tonight to get to my destination, because I don't think I would have gotten there on time.
9. I am truly blessed for the ride that I got to work this morning, because it definitely beats walking even though the sun was out shining.
10. With all my heart, thank you for emotions, because I like the feeling of actually feeling everything no matter good or bad. It's especially great when it's an amazing, beautiful cannot put words to it.. that kind of a good feeling. 

Signed, Joe

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