Friday, April 20, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Hello Friday!

This past week has been a whirl wind really for me, so I am not too sure about what is going to pop up here to sum up my week, but whatever does I hope it's interesting. 

1. I think the definite highlight was yesterday driving home for a good 2 and an half hours! I made it but it was easy peasy, until I got into the city I was a bit stressed out. However, I survived and was okay, made it home! =) Yaay for driving, because I haven't driven in a really long time! 

2. I love my aunties and grandma as well as my grandpa very much they're the best! I like when I get to see family even though it may not be the best of circumstances.

3. I cannot, cannot wait for summer! I am so excited, so excited because all the summery items I have gotten over this week, it makes me super super excited! 

4. I love dreaming, not the kind when you go to sleep but those dreams are great too, especially when it's an incredible dream. I mean dreaming as in about life, because I love dreaming up about the future and all the things I wish or hope for to happen. Lately since the new year started I feel, think or say things that just are mind blowing just thinking about, because of course I want them to happen. 

5. As for my song list this week well of course in the middle of the week again I have come across Carly Rae Jepsens other songs which I am really loving Curiosity by her. Her whole 5 songs on the album I love them all they are that.good! Another song I like is by Megan and Liz Long Distance it is such a cute song. For my last song that had been repeatedly on replay the one night that I couldn't stop listening to is Eli Young Band Even if it Breaks Your Heart.

6. Another moment from this week that I loove, of course I love it! These moments make my life as of lately and I hope they continue to, is this whole conversation with my beautiful friend about living in the same apartment building. It would be the best because in winter we could just go over to each other's place and chat, pop in a movie.. whatever. Not even winter, anytime to show things we got and etc. Us hanging out and our boyfriends hanging out together doing there own thing. Just to think about that is exciting. I honestly cannot wait to share all the amazing-ness with my sweet sweet gorgeous friend! 

7. I really cannot wait to share my summer items that I purchased on here, because I see BIG DREAMS, yep BIG THINGS as in photo wise. I cannot wait, I am so very super excited! It's even more exciting because of the moments and things that may happen. Meaning all the cute little stories that can form in the moments from wearing a certain thing and remembering that story! Aww, I am so excited and I love moments when they have a really GREAT STORY, oh I must mention especially a LOVE STORY. It MELTS.MY.HEART. right down to the itty bitty core. 

8. I went to see The Lucky One tonight and Oh Boy... that is honestly my new favorite movie without a doubt! It knocks down any movie that I always said was my number one favorite. It's just some thing about that movie and the rawness of love.

9. This past week food has been so good, I don't know why but it has and especially the fruit. Oh goodness, are the strawberries, bananas, veggies, noodles, meat etc etc good! I honestly haven't felt as though I've really enjoyed food that much for a long time or should I say notice the goodness. I think it's also because of the count your blessings post I think why I am really enjoying all the food lately I have been eating. 

10. I think the best part of my week is the simple little thoughts that come about on love. Those thoughts have left me to recognize that I was closed off and even if I wanted it to work out with somebody it wouldn't have. It wouldn't have because I would not be able to give myself fully, yeah I could give graciously and be pure with love. However, to allow it onto myself was something that I couldn't have done at all now that I look back. I wasn't incapable of giving love but to allow myself to receive it that I was incapable of allowing of myself. I 100% believe that you must love yourself first before you can allow yourself to be loved by someone else. Giving love and allowing your self to receive it are two different things but they are both ingredients needed to make your love whole, fruitfully and incandescently beautiful! I think love feels so strong, stronger than ever in my life and that's because the one thing I think everyone should have the chance to experience even if it is just once is ardent soulful love. The kind that makes your body flicker chills throughout and is so intense that you can't live without it. You miss it so badly when it's gone. (Love is not meant for you to settle, or feel as though you're okay if they are not there with you because that's not passionate love. It's settling for less than you deserve.) 

I think tonight I am going to end this with ten things that I have and I hope you all enjoyed. Good night. 

Signed, Joe

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