Friday, May 25, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Good Morning!!

Yes, today is the day for another edition for this week! I know it's earlier today than most other times I believe. I give that a yaay! ?? 

1. I had an interview this week. I think I did fairly well, but even if I don't get it there is another round within six months to a year to reapply. However, I probably won't try again in that time frame because if I don't get it this time as I told my friend God has something better planned for me. =)

2. imkristen posted her part six to her lovely love story, which I am utterly addicted too!! I get so excited that it makes me scream but of course inside, because when I saw part six it was really late in the morning (1 am to be exact).

3. I found some goodies twice this week while at the malls. I wasn't particularly looking for anything other than, really a blazer. When it comes to those I am so picky! I did manage to find one and I wish I had the blazer before.. but oh well I have it now and can wear it whenever I want! =)

4. My mountain pile of items to post on my blog is absolutely insane! I mean insane, once I am done I can never let it get this far again! It's out of control and trying to remember all the items I got here and there! It's literally a full time job just trying to figure it out!! 

5. This baby is so so so so adorable! I read this post this morning and I am in complete love with the photos of little Eleanor! Seriously, isn't she so cute!! ? 

6. Monday was my little nieces birthday, she turned 2! I couldn't go to her birthday party Sunday since I had to work/work meeting that day, tear. I definitely got her a present and of course some things I gave a little early, because I couldn't resist. Yeah I am a sucker to see her all excited!! =) I still owe her one more toy that I want to get her and it's late but I haven't had time to check if toys r us has it, but she love fijit's! Now they have these new ones called fijit friends and of course when I had looked at Walmart and Zellers before her birthday came around they didn't have it. So my last option is toys r us! Cross my fingers I find it. It's so cute to see her all excited when she sees a video of them on youtube. I will add a photo for those that don't know what I am talking about. 

7. As for my post on photographer blogs this week, I liked or no loved the following posts .. a. Troy Grover / Orange County Engagement b. JFYphotography / Love is in Bloom c. JFYphotography / Stefanie & Ryan Engagement d. Jamie Delaine / Brianna & Josh Portraits e. James Moe / Heather & Jon Portraits

8. Sunday compiled my end of the night with watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which I love having conversation with my friend as to what is happening via text! It is so fun and especially when one text and I was just going to message you!! i loove that! 

9. I am addicted to Giuliana & Bill, I knew she did E! but I never knew about the show or nothing and I know I know.. that's insane to believe but it's true. I would like to watch from season 1 to understand the past stuff but I started viewing season 5 and wow! I love the show and them, they're just a adorable, sweet, caring couple who always give some laughs! I love there jokes. If you haven't seen the show, definitely recommend you watch it!! It is utterly amazing! 

10. I am excited for monday, I know I am getting ahead but heeelllo!!! Luke Bryan is going to be on The Bachelorette Emily and that's to die for! 

11. There have been a couple of looks that I have liked, no like is an understatement, thought looked smokin' hot like japleno peppers/bangin' I would rock those outfit looks from these bloggers and just thought I should share! a. sincerlyjules / spot on b. Gal Meets Glam / Kate Spade New York - Graduation c. DulceCandy / hilo dress & neon accents

12. I loved thedaybook's blog post with her jean shirt & hair here in this post this week! I haven't come across a shirt like that when I have been shopping but would really like to add it to my summer wardrobe. 

13. I came across this song yesterday and liked it so I am sharing. =) Corey Gray - Where we're going

14. This is the second last thing of this week that made me laugh Starbucks Prank Call. 

15. Lastly, I am going to end with this video I found this week. I thought it was so cute, so I wanted to post it on here for you guys to view. And this one too because I was dying in laughter over the butter part, but they have such a cute story for the answers they give. (p.s. - my friend told me about this video so I can't take the credit for finding the second video. Thanks friend. =) )

Signed, Joe

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