Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Current 'Heart Set On'

Good Evening Lovelies!! 

I was planning on showing some of the things I had purchased yesterday and a few items I got today as well after work.  However, I started getting really into all the items I have gotten over a time period adding up and I have a lot of stuff I have not blogged about! I am not even done yet trying to get all the newest pieces photographed to show you guys. It is definitely going to have to take over until tomorrow. I have that much stuff, which I didn't really realize until I started piling it into there collections by store. Don't worry I won't forget about posting some stuff for you lovelies! I know this is way over and long due now. 

I got into looking at some stuff online today after work and I have been honestly eyeing Michael Kors forever! I remember I went to this new mall during back to school I believe, so September 2011. I remember checking out the Michael Kors store there and wanting a bag from there so bad. Well you could only imagine though how packed it was in the Coach store, however nothing really caught my eye for myself but definitely saw something cute for my mom as a gift. I did not end up getting the item I thought looked lovely for my mom, because I was unsure. Anyways..  my point is that these are my current 'Heart Set On' items at the moment and actually for a long while now. I know I should probably get it soon because I keep checking out online every now and again what's new, but in due time. The following below are a few pieces that I like and would love to add to my accessories that I already have. I also think they are versatile pieces to work into different outfits. 

For the choice of the two watches is that I love the color of the Gold Rose, however I don't know if I would wear it as much as the Gold. For the Gold watch I really really love the Romans numerals featured on the watch, that is one thing I have wanted in a watch for the longest time and this gold watch has it! When it comes to the Large tote it.. just is simple, with no logo of the brand all over it. So for me that is a definite handbag I would want in my collection of purses, because it will always, always win every time with any outfit. As for the second one, I think it's very cute, sophisticated and dressy looking. I would use the long strap crossed over my body more than holding the handles. I am not big on handle holding much; I rather have it cross my body or on my shoulder type of deal. I think this bag could definitely work and would get lots of use, and especially because it looks like such a fashionista piece to me as well. 

have a lovely evening. 

Signed, Joe

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