Monday, May 14, 2012

High Of Plus Twenty And No Skies Of Gray !

Hello Sunny Evening!! 

I have been wanting to blog for a few days now, because I've felt inspired and in that mood of greatness when it comes to my blog. Today, has just been an eventfully day at work that I could not come home and not blog. I just had to get up a post since I took a mini break from here. I am just super excited and everything, so I will just talk about  some different things on here today! I hope those that have been coming back and seeing nothing have something to read today! 

What am I going to start off with...? I have so many thoughts, ideas and things processing through my mind and running things I want to mention. I will start off with a new look I am going to aim for this summer with my hair and that is the fishtail braid! I finally got it tried out today for work because I wanted something quick but nice. The fishtail worked it's magic for me today, because everyone liked it and second it always looked complicated to me but then I always watched the videos for the five stranded braid. I saw a video yesterday and was like, oh my that is so easy and waa laa it was my go to look for work today! I always do the high top bun thing and I just think it's time for something else to run it's course through my hair more regularly. My new choice of style for a bit I think but I do hope to include more styles for this summer to change up my hair look. For those that don't know how to do a fishtail braid I will add a video here to watch that I used. The tutorial starts at 1:40, just so you're not wasting time. =)

 Today was a day of flip flops also for work and I was in love, because I never get to wear them ever! I am always doing a job at work where I am unable to wear flip flops to work. It was a definite grateful moment for that today! These are the exact ones I wore today too! Oh pinterest, you just made my life that much easier, thanks!

Another thing is that I do have pinterest for those who would like to follow or look at my boards of pins! I do not have any looks of mine on there just to warn you, if that is one thing you are looking for. My Pinterest. I always hear about my pinning at work because I have so many pins! My favorite pins are the ones I found on the internet last night and went through all 255 pages to view all the different things of 'before i die - bucket list'. I think that is a really great interesting thing, because it gave me so much inspiration, motivation and things that I want to do but don't fully remember on my goals list. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the post I did last month from the magic! I will be updating some of those with my responses because some I just didn't write down and others there is just no way to write out anything. I will mention when I update the ones that don't have responses included. Look out for that, I will have the one about a negative situation response posted up by tomorrow for those wanting to go back.

Another moment that I had last week or so was with my friends, they are absolutely incredible! I always have amazing conversation whether it's something stressful or not or just to vent.. the conversation is always great! My favorite moment was something to do with having a boyfriend / getting in engaged and how telling would make sense and stuff of that matter. I can admittedly say in the past I was like yeah, no I am not telling. My family okay, the people who were my friend at the time no, because to me it didn't make sense to. It seemed a waste to especially if it didn't work-out etc. Now where I am at the point in my life and the things that have happened. I would tell my great friends that I have now.. I would without a doubt tell them, introduce them and everything! I would want them to know, it makes sense too also because I know, met, hear and talk about their significant other with them, so it would be totally unfair if I didn't do the same. Obviously there was more to the conversation but in brief is my thoughts and what I would do and would want to do. And oh yes, especially if I get engaged or married because I would want them at my wedding, no I would want them IN my wedding! Then of course when it came to be pregnant, yes.. I would let them know again. Enough about that stuff.. 

I also enjoyed spending time with my one friend, hanging out and doing some shopping before heading to see 'The Lucky' again for my second time, her third. But damn Zac Efron is smokin' gorgeous! 

I am going to leave this post with this, because it's so much writing. Do be on the look-out for new stuff and things I have gotten. I have accumulated so much new items that need to be blogged and older older items that I need to blog and just haven't but I really should. I am really going to try to post for this month as often as I can, when I have time. I am really hoping to do some more fun'er posts coming up in June. More on that when it comes closer to the time. As for now, have a wonderful rest of the night with the beautiful sun!

Signed, Joe

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