Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleeping + Famous + Gorgeous = Heartbreaker + Concert

Good Morning Everybody!

This morning I have decided to do a post and the items come from Aerie by American Eagle and Pink by Victoria Secret. 

The first 3 items I will mention are these bras. 

The yellow one, is my favorite because of the color, that sucker caught my eye from the door way and of course I tried it on and it was perfect. Oh and it was a new bra that had just enter Aerie's round up of other bra's they already sell. I wasn't expecting to much greatness out of it because it seemed it would be too much padding but nope perfect. It definitely left in my hand from the dressing room to the cash counter and out the door way. The name of this bra is Maddie

The white with colorful leopard print is from PINK by Victoria Secret. I did not try on that bra, because I already have either one or two in the Heartbreaker style when it first came out and really loved it. There was no need for me to try on this one, but it definitely is good for your low cut v-neck shirts. 

The third bra is the newest collection of bras from Aerie called the Concert bras. I tried on a couple different styles and lace bandeaus but I ended up with this one and it's very very comfy.  The straps can come off to wear it straps and it's just perfect to wear under a low cut tank, so you can have the lace peek through with a little bit of the print as well. It also came in blue, however I was definite on my choice. This bra is called Concert Bra Bandeau.

Lastly to this addition is the undies, you never can enough cute styles, patterns and prints. These ones are all from Pink by Victoria Secret. 

Signed, Joe

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