Friday, June 1, 2012

Cause baaby you're a firework

Good Day Lovelies!!!

It's Friday and wow today is a double post! I never thought I would see this day happen today but it is, it is! I am excited for this post and also because I am just in a feel in that mood... inspired but also this huge aura swimming across me, energy which ever you want to call it but it's one of those good feeling feelings that something great is coming or about to happen. I am excited, I mean super incredibly excited and I can't wait for whatever this greatness and beauty that is about to come my way.

On the other hand I have an OOTD for you lovely beautiful people!! Yaaaaaay, score, touchdown.. twists and turns and spinning cartwheels, haha! I hope you enjoy! So this is what I wore to work today which was a short day for me and after I headed off to a movie with a friend. I saw Snow White and the Huntsman which was 2hrs and something long but I liked it and thought it was good! The rest of my friday night is going to end with reading my book which I am hooked onto. Girl Run that Show will be up also tonight too so do not worry your little precious beautiful hearts! Here is my look oh and my puppy, since he was with me also so I am including a photo.

Cardigan : Costa Blanca
Tank : Pink by Victoria Secret
Leggings : Forever21
Shoes : Aldo

Signed, Joe

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