Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Good Super Tired Evening!
gorgeous much!? mouth drop, sexy! hahaha!

It is Friday and I am completely and utterly exhausted tired! I don't even have the motivation to do the things I am trying to do, let alone have the energy to do this post. However, I am doing it because #1 it's Friday and #2 there's stuff to talk about! Here goes nothing ... 

1. Okay, so that interview I had on the twenty-second of May/12. Well I made the list for all the people they chose from the interviews! Woot woot!!!! Yaaay me! Best moment ever when I told someone was this "Omg yay!!!! That's exciting news Joelynn!! Congratulations :D proud of you <3" [ I love the people in my life this past year they're all magnificent people and oh so supportive.]

2. Finally some cool boogie down music at work this week! Haha, yep.. definite screams when songs came on! Oh and cool smooth dance moves when it's dead.. 

3. The topic of relationships/love awwww!!! Seriously that stuff melts my heart like an ice cream sundae. I am a complete and utter sucker and get sucked in. I am so proud of all the people in my life that are in a relationship because there is always just cool stories and things that make you take away.. and make you want to embrace there qualities of a couple.

4. I love the moment this week and I heard about a potential new liking of someone and their gushing-ness about them! I love hearing those moments! Especially the moments when you hear that they can see themselves marrying that person! The best part is when you know they have everything else in life but that one significant person and being there as support. Yeah.. life can't get any better than that when you get to hear stories/thoughts like those ones. [Oh and "heart of gold like our family" -- meet and greet please! lol]

5. From above #four I said I was a little bit jealous but really that isn't even the correct word to describe the feeling floating inside of me which seems like forever but really only twenty-four years. I am not jealous because I don't think I would be supportive and happy for the people that I am or look up to of their relationship. It think it's more of a longing, waiting, when is it going to come to me that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love?" [However, the beautiful people in my life now #number one you'l find someone one day. can't force it. can't be looking... can want it. It just falls across your lap the best ones... and past #number two have always been like your going to have the best kind of love.] They are so so much more optimistic about this then me! I love them for it. 

6. Oh and my reason for feeling so tired is my addicting book that I can't put down. I wouldn't have that problem of being tired if I read earlier, but I always have a lot of stuff to do and by the time night rolls around I want to read some of my book. Damn, Christian Grey and Ana Steele of Fifty Shades of Grey .. I love it but that's why I am exhausted from trying to stay up and read to the point I know I am tired but I forced myself into reading more. I do love this book and glad I got it in a paperback form instead of on my kobo e-reader.

7. I saw the most creepiest video this week and I had to share with my friend. I did not know this was a possibility in the world of computer but I guess you can hack into someone's webcam.. I will let you view for yourself the results of this. Mind boggling/scary thing - click here.

8. Matt Clayton's photography has such beautiful photos of his clients that I would love to be photographed by him in the near future with my significant other. Here are a couple of sessions I came across of his that I liked some old, some new I believe but I wanted to share. The following sessions I loved : number one. number two. number three. number four

9. Yesterday was so gorgeous outside, just beautiful! However, today has been cloudy and gloomy besides this morning I got some view of the sun. It's okay for me because I am tired anyways, so this is the perfect weather feel mood to fall asleep into. 

10. This week is so so so busy at work, oh my gosh! I hope I survive I have two very late nights that I have to work until 10pm one night and 12am another. Once this week is done I think, the next won't be as bad.. knock on wood! 

11. I am getting behind on my important tasks at hand waiting for me for forever! I really hope this week on my two days off I can get some of it done. Most of my tasks on my door have been completed and is getting bare but not the absolute that needs to be complete for a couple of months now. 

12. I am oh so tired, just putting my head back and closing my eyes on my pillow makes me want to sleep but I am determined to finish this post and it up tonight. 

13. I am so excited for what's coming in the mail!! I can't wait to see it in person, oh I am excited! I hope it will be worth it or I will very disappointed. I am excited for the reaction, haha! I love those moments they make my heart skip a beat and flutter like a butterfly. 

14. Last Saturday was amazing food again with my beautiful friend after going to see What to Expect When You're Expecting. My favorite part of the movie was the relationship with Marco [Chace Crawford] & Rosie [Anna Kendrick] even though it was sad. The food I had tried this time was Penne with mushroom & Chicken, so yummy! I had so much mushrooms though, I couldn't eat it.. I think because the sauce is so rich and creamy. 

15. Tomorrow was going to be a sleep in day but I have work.. however I get to work with my lovely friend which we never work together because I just never really work Saturdays unless for some unexpected reason I need to. Yaay for tomorrow to get to work with her. 

16. Keeping Up with the Kardashians I am going to miss Sunday plus via texting to friend about what's happening ... sad face! I am also going to miss The Bachelorette Monday because I have to work until 12am. Just when it's suppose to be good... ugh! I hope my friend can fill me in until I get around to watching it. 

17. Speaking of The Bachelorette - I was a little bit heartbroken when Jef didn't give Emily a kiss on the beach .. saad face moping walk. ha! I was like what!! comeee on, she's waiting!! 

18. Don't you just love stargazing about life and everything that could be possible in your life?! I love those conversations the most. They have been very relevant since the start of this new year and when I look back it never was that way. I am glad to be able to say things about life and be okay with my thoughts as well as sharing. It feels good, yet a bit sad at the same time at time but for the most part incredibly amazing. Those conversations make my day or even if it's just my thoughts to myself well hanging out in bed and all the possibilities that could come about and the dream of them coming true.

19.  Lately I keep having this feeling I guess it would be cross my mind, I don't know why or how come but it just seems so strong and I really hope it comes true. Actually I feel like it will but I am not going to say it to jinx anything. My instincts are usually correct when I have feelings like this so if it does become true I will have this post to look back on and be like remember when ... ! 

20. This post I loved this week, because I dream of going to LONDON so badly! [oh! LONDON how i HEART you! <3] LONDON is my new NEW YORK CITY. I am still a new yorker at heart forever and always. Here is mariann's post from her trip to London. One day soon, fingers crossed!

21. I love love love my friend and her photo updates to me from instagram. I am always in awe with what she shows me! I really need to upgrade my phone but I also want to wait to see if something newer is coming out. In due time.. but I am already in overdue time. 

22. Hawaii with boyfriend/husband.. oh how fun + romantic! :D [Future dreaming <3]

23. This post melted my heart in AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! =) <3 Sydney of thedaybookblog's post on magnificent of Everette. 

Wow! I did it guys.. I made it through all this chit chatter and thanks for those who read all the way down to the bottom! I know this is long, probably the longest one yet of any of the Friday's posted with this, but hopefully you all enjoyed it. Have a lovely beautiful weekend, hopefully it's sunny where you are, because it's cloudy, gloomy and rainy this whole weekend in the forecast ... 

Signed, Joe

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