Wednesday, June 6, 2012

make me wanna fly in the sky so high

Good Evening!

So today was going to be a either a lazy day lounging at home reading or a work day. However, none of those happened... it turned out to be a shopping day with my sister. Honestly... who doesn't love to shop? Shop until you drop, haha! I shopped but not until I dropped. I got a few items and thought I should share asap! I just got a couple earrings, necklace, purse, a top, shorts and a cardigan. I definitely like the colors I got in the items I found clothes wise.

The necklace was an eye grabber from the color. The blues, greens and teals in love. As for the feather earrings they reminded me of a dream catcher like way and I thought they were so cute and had to get them! For the printed earrings they are just so sophisticated to rock with a nice outfit to make it pop if going all neutrals. 

I really love the shorts, because of the print. I haven't seen anything like it and I just so happened to be walking on my way out of the store when these gold print lovers caught my eye! ha! I can't wait to wear them, they're so different yet so gorgeous. 

I love love love the color of this piece! It is so gorgeous.. I cannot wait to wear this little number and incorporate it with other pieces in my wardrobe. I am really loving the color. It came in neon yellow, pink and a couple of other colors but I chose this color for myself. 

I really love the cardigan that I got and of course my sister was like you already have one like that which I don't. I showed my mom and she said the same thing! haha. I definitely had a sweater in these two colors long ago but not a cardigan... I love this new baaby! The colors just go so well with each other. 

The purse also came in black, but for the last couple of times I have gotten a new bag it has been black. This time I opted for the white, which is gorgeous and so is the black one! I was thinking of getting the black one also but I was like maybe not, because I have so much black bags. Maybe, I will go back to get it, because you can rock a black bag with anything! I shall see since I am really in love with this white one. 

Signed, Joe

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