Friday, June 15, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Hello Friday Afternoon!!

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We are at the end of another week again! Thank goodness for today, I am literially beat from this brutal late night work days this week. The one day I had off in the middle of the week Wednesday, I slept all day and didn't do nada, nothing. Just chilled in my pj's and bed sleeping away.. I was exhausted. So much has happened today it's insane, in life and within this city. Any who onto the post. Happy Friday Lovelies, which I am not sure what this Friday really has in store to be happy about...

1. Oh My My My | Part 8 was up this week! Woot, so excited when I seen that post and oh man did one part make me laugh! click here to read. =)

2. I came across this fabulous photo session yesterday after work. I love Matt Clayton's work it's so AMAZING! Here is the latest post from yesterday. click here. The girl kind of reminds me of Olivia Palermo .

3. My response when my beautiful friend told me to check out thedaybookblog's newest post yesterday "Holy Shit! The daybook looks SMOKIN' HAWT! ;)" And this post of Mr.Everette who I absolutely adore, he is just so preciously beautiful. view here.

4. Sunday and Monday night at work was super hyper, wild and insane! Hahaha.. I honestly don't know where those moments come from but I get them every now and again. I just couldn't stop laughing or saying the most insanity things. For example "My co-worker asked me to grab her water from the fridge and I was sitting down right beside it and as I went to open the fridge and grab it I was like reeeeach for the staaars. hahaha! Just replaying that in my head makes me laugh! I lovee working with the girls that I do, always lots of fun and laughter! Oh and my cool dance moves, haha! [Of course my co-worker yesterday was like how come your not all crazy, I was like I think two days is more than enough for people to handle. haha]

5. Another photo session I liked was by Janine Sept of this graduate and her dress is oh so gorgeous! ( -*)

6. The Bachelorette favs which my co-worker and I agree on are.. jef <3 / sean / & arie  for sure. I think we said either chris or doug but can't remember now. The three I mentioned for sure! =)

7. I got some of my tasks that I have been putting off done this week, yaaay! I still have two more important things to go through. Hopefully this weekend I will tackle them along with some more reading!

8. I thought this young couple was cute and thought I would share with you there photo session by Lindsay Gee Photography.

9. Okay, so I am utterly in looove with my friend's picture messages! She always sends the most cutest and amazing ones ever! What would I do without her cute via picture messages .. life would not be the same at all!

10. I thought this was a really cute guest post on rockstar diaries blog this week. read here. Oh and this one too but it's from last week. view here. Oh and this post of photos via iphone which is complete melt my heart looove! see here.

11. Re-reading text messages melt my heart to chocolate strawberry pieces. Especially when it's something funny and I get a good chuckle out loud! I looove text messages via my lovely friend Cristina and I.

12. This photo session is so so so utterly amazing. I had to share this for sure! check it out here! My heart trickled down 5 flight of stairs in aww! <3

13. I love galmeetsglam's dress and sunglasses. She looks so pretty and it's a cute look! view here.

14. The Bachelorette again back on the brain.. so the date with Jef, so cute! I loove how he finally kissed her, yaay! Actually what a perfect first kiss in the heart of LONDON. I am in awe, can't top it any better! Oh and the crazy Jean lady, jeez louise stop.talking, it's a date! lol And finally finally finally Kalon is gone, for goodness sakes, finally after a hundred years!

15. SincerelyJules look is so cute and yet casual here. I love it! view her look here. I LOVED her look yesterday too!! Click here to view it!

16. Teen Mom start up for the last season ever with Catelyn, Amber, Maci and Farrah. Very interesting and out of control at the same time. enough said on that.. the show can talk for it's self.. no explanation needed from me on my deep formed opinion.

17. I came across this cool DIY project from A Beautiful Mess with Instagram and thought it was so cool. If I was still going to school I would do all my notebooks like this and if I had an iphone also. Definitely a cool project to do. Click here to see project journal. There was also this DIY project yesterday with Mason Jars, so cool! click here to see.

18. I decided to look at apartments online one night because I was bored and I found the cutest one ever! I love it and would so live there from the photos. However, it's always better to see it in person. I was in awe and still am!

19. I am so so excited because what I was waiting foreveeer to come in the mail finally came after a billion years. The longest and slowest and most expense shipping I ever had to deal with in my life but the get it and result is the best feeling ever that I am so excited. All I can say on that matter until further notice.

20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Click here to view her blog LisaPlace.

21. I love Wendy's pants here! I would so totally rock those. Haha, of course I would because everyone I shop with is like only you would pick something so eccentric. lol. And of course I would because everyone is usually in black, white, grey.. just netural colors.

22. Father's Day this weekend and I hope everyone has a lovely one with their fathers.

23. My friend was talking to me yesterday about getting a tumbler and I was like what? you have a tumblr now, haha! Then after I remembered, ohhhhh a tumbler the cup we were talking about in the morning! lol. I just love moments like those when there's a good laugh!

24. I loved looking at the photos in this post of looks while she traveled. view here.

25. I was running on such low energy from my busy week yesterday. I hope today isn't as bad because it's only a half a day work day for me! Yaaay for that and I am so grateful because I am beat and love a head start to the weekend with an early end time.

26. I came across this just before it hit midnight yesterday and had to find this look from this girl's blog and I found it! I am in absolute loooove with the dress it is so gorgeous! I want to share it, so click here to see pure sweetness.

Signed, Joe


  1. I love your blog! I'm following you now!


  2. Lovely post and gorgeous photo. I love your header too, so so pretty!

  3. i love the layout of your blog and the header is amazing. those pastel colors are beautiful.


  4. Great post full of beautiful links and pictures.


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