Tuesday, June 12, 2012

when life hits rock bottom... add some color

Good Morning!

So what to talk about today? I have had this idea floating on my mind for a while now to do a post on all the nail polish colors I have and what really a great time to do this. It's sunny and all, plus who doesn't love nail polish especially in summer. There is so many designs, mixes etc you can do with nail polish it's so fun to decorate your nails up every now and again. I am really feeling the coral, light blue and tropical pink at the moment! I will go through what the name and brand of each color polish is in case you want to purchase it yourself! I hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely day! =)

1. Houses of Parliament by nails inc. London (magnetic effect)
2. Wellington Square by nails inc. London
3. Bruton Street by nails inc. London

1. Mermaid Tears by OPI
2. Elephantastic Pink by OPI
3. Whats with the Cattitude? by OPI

1. Significant Other Color by OPI
2. Do You Lilac it? by OPI
3. Mod-ern Girl by OPI

1. Dim Sum Plum by OPI
2. DS Classic by OPI
3. Blue My Mind b OPI

1. Barefoot in Barcelona by OPI
2. Gettin' Miss Piggy with it by OPI
3. The Color to Watch by OPI

1. Blush of Adrenaline by Nicole OPI
2. Top Coat by OPI

Signed, Joe


  1. So in love with the OPI shades!! Got to get my hands on thecolour to watch ASAP now :)


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