Wednesday, July 4, 2012



I was working on a post for you guys that I have been working on for a few days actually and was planning to post it Monday, but pushed it back. I thought Tuesday would be better because Monday is always full of cheery weekend stuff. I decided to post something else on Tuesday because I wasn't in the greatest of shape to complete that entry from being sick Monday. Here we are Wednesday and still nada, nothing, no luck tonight either of posting this post I have been wanting to this week! (Another reason July 4th, just does not mesh well with good times!) However I just finished adding some details to that post and not done the final editing of it, so I think hopefully tomorrow I will post that milestone of a post up. I have been contemplating for Tuesday this week coming up too. I shall see tomorrow what my little heart requests to serve up as a post for tomorrow! However, tonight as I was working on that post I was roaming back to old posts I have done and I was like oh what a cool idea to compile all the Outfit posts I have done on here into this post. I know it's not many but I liked the idea and was oh yes must do! So without further a do, here is all my Outfit Looks I have ever posted on this blog. Oldest from the bottom starting, with the newest at the top! :D

06.25.12 you stole my attention from the sky
06.24.12 You're the Smile on My Face
06.01.12 Cause baaby you're a firework
02.17.12 Oh la la, wink! (make-up, someone did on me! no outfit look here.)
08.12.11 Outfit of the Day Numero Dos
08.10.11 Outfit of the Day, Numero Uno

After compiling all of them I need to post up some more outfit looks onto this blog for you guys! Wow, what a lack of them, ha!

I hope you all have a lovely night
goodnight sunset skies.

Signed, Joe

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